Stumble Upon The Same

We’re all on the same ship, and we’re all leaving sooner or later. The only way to maneuver through this is to create everlasting memories. You know what kind of memories tend to last? The ones we’ve touched and the ones that have touched us. The ones that we love to remember, not the ones that we avoid remembering. I wish you find your way creating lovable memories, and you will certainly stumble upon the same.


I believe that our deeds determine our achievements and failures. Although the existence of divine providence, this has nothing to do with what we ought to achieve. So throwing the blame on God and circumstances for something we failed to achieve, denotes nothing but justifications, and this is something towards which I am highly sensitive. I can’t stand watching someone talk about divine decrees and circumstances as the reason for him not reaching his goal, no matter what this goal happens to be.

Though I do agree on something relative to that topic. Although divine decrees are a reflection of our intentions and deeds, they are always the best scenarios that could happen to us specifically, serving all our life’s aspects. So it is true that failing to reach a certain goal denotes deficiency in your preparation, but it also denotes that this goal wasn’t going to serve you as much as you thought.

I Will Try

Another year swifts by, as we stand still and gaze up high. What more could be coming for us and why? We are chosen to live while others were chosen to die. It’s just a rule, to which the universe chooses to comply. When is it time to reconcile? With people whom you no longer care if they laugh or cry? Maybe that’s the reason why, we’re left here alive while others in the dirt lie. Maybe we’re supposed to do something for you and I. For when the next year arrives, we breathe a happy sigh. Maybe I’m not ready yet, but I will try. I will try.


Everywhere around us, there exist signs. Sometimes they are clear for us to notice them, and sometimes we need to pay some attention if we wish to do. Some of us have become incredibly skilled, and capable of recognizing the smallest, most unclear messages within these signs. And sadly some of us are blinded, unable to capture the essence behind them. We are being taught various lessons through these signs. Some lessons have a great probability to penetrate through our souls, allowing us to experience a life changing epiphany. Other lessons give us no choice but to surrender our thoughts to them. It all depends on our souls’ readiness to receive criticism, and hence self-improvement.

No Need To Worry

There, there. It’s all going to be fine. It’s not a nightmare you’re living, it’s decisions of the divine. You can accept them and learn, you can also just whine. No one will judge you, as you are no longer nine. It’s a series of ups and downs, your life will definitely incline. Feel free to decline, it’s your life down the line. You might choose to escape, maybe stay offline. As if that will change the timeline! Or you may stay online, with the One who’s capable to define, all that is yet to come, and all that had come combined. One day at a time, I’m sure you will see sunshine. As for every cloud up there, there’s always a silver line. There’s no need to worry, it’s all going to be fine.


You only live once. Most of the people I know would argue with me for claiming such notion. Because most people who like to believe so, tend to fall in a path where they do whatever they wanna do, doesn’t matter good or bad, wasteful or useful. While the way I like to see it, is as if you’re in the woods, hunting for food for you and your family, with only one bullet left in your shotgun. And you have complete freedom of choice, whether to use this bullet wisely or carelessly. Similarly, we all have this one shot in life, with complete freedom over our actions. We can either fire this shot at our goal, or we could just fire it aimlessly. The choice is ours.

Wonderful Quote

Read this paragraph and simply fell in love with it, thought I’d share it with you guys!

There are some people who enter your life like gems. These are the real diamonds. They have no ulterior motives, no inferiority complex, no superiority complex, no need to prove that they are better than you, or seek to have more than you. They don’t feel entitled and aren’t needy or dependent. They are not superficial or fake. They remind you of God and they understand you, when no other person does. They don’t wear a mask with you or pretend to be perfect. They are just real with you and honestly and sincerely only want good for you. You feel you can tell them anything without worrying that they will judge you or put you down for being imperfect. They know your flaws, but love you anyway. And they are loyal. You know they’ll be there for you. They’ll always have your back. And best of all, time and distance doesn’t change this. If you’ve met even one person in your entire life like this, you’re blessed.

— Yasmin Mogahed

One simply wants to reach utter success without exerting the least of effort. When I look at any successful person, I only see his success, neglecting the huge amount of effort he did to reach there. And I keep dreaming to reach there. It’s good to dream though, but it’s useless without the effort. One needs to concentrate more on his daily activities, and leave the rest. Success will come at the right time. Thinking about it very often won’t do me any good.

Today I remind myself to do what I have to do, walk the line, and cut the bullshit.

Another weekend shining on the calendar, another few more hours waiting to be enjoyed. Waking up early, as the rest are still asleep. Enjoying the blissful morning breeze, causing us to mentally leap. Learning to value the beauty of the small things around me. The friendly greetings from strangers passing by, the cheerful singing of birds up high. Morning cup of coffee, with a normal cigarette. Or maybe I should quit smoking, maybe try some nicorette. The silent hours at the end of the night, while lying in the dark, out of reach, and out of sight. Peace of mind is something worth fighting for, though you never know how long it will last. If only I could live this metaphor, like a perfect movie, with just me in the cast.

Life is tough, there’s no denying to that fact. You have a chance of melting down across the events of your life, and no one has the right to throw a blame on you. Because again, life is tough. No matter how different we are from each other, and how different our lives can be, still we all feel some sort of stress at times, resulting from surviving this life. We are in great need of empathy. We somehow depend on this slight tap on the back to keep on walking. No one can survive on his own. We are useless and helpless on our own. We are all equivalent on the inside. We are all in need of the same things. Though we rarely see so. We prefer to be treated perfectly although we’re not. We forget to forgive, and remember not to give.

Today I remind myself of what I am, and how I can survive this jungle.