I believe that our deeds determine our achievements and failures. Although the existence of divine providence, this has nothing to do with what we ought to achieve. So throwing the blame on God and circumstances for something we failed to achieve, denotes nothing but justifications, and this is something towards which I am highly sensitive. I can’t stand watching someone talk about divine decrees and circumstances as the reason for him not reaching his goal, no matter what this goal happens to be.

Though I do agree on something relative to that topic. Although divine decrees are a reflection of our intentions and deeds, they are always the best scenarios that could happen to us specifically, serving all our life’s aspects. So it is true that failing to reach a certain goal denotes deficiency in your preparation, but it also denotes that this goal wasn’t going to serve you as much as you thought.


Live, and Let Live

This is your life, and it is yours alone. You have complete freedom over your actions, as long as this freedom does not hinder someone else’s. You’re free to love, free to hate, free to build, free to waste. You’re free to live a life that defines you. Because in the end, that’s all that matters.

The same with feelings. You cannot force a certain feeling on someone. Just because you sympathize with someone, doesn’t mean the whole world must feel the same way. We are, nevertheless, different in how we express our emotions, and our brains are not wired the same way. Though this argument immediately turns empty with certain subjects of interest. Some subjects should never be argued between one human being and another, unless one of them is a psychopath, only then no justified blame can be thrown.

As we move forward in time, we’re constantly anticipating changes that would make our lives easier. Time, along side with hard work, has always mesmerized us with the amount, quality, and pace of development, growth, and evolution that the future holds for us. But all of this is of the material world. Speaking of the spiritual world, nothing but pure degradation is the outcome of these changes.

As fast as the expansion and development of the material world is considered, spirituality, along side with humanity, is coming to an end. We are, nonetheless, spiritual beings.

One of the reasons why we’ve reached this level of apathy, is I believe to be ignoring our instincts, ignoring our brothers and sisters’ need for sympathy. We became selfish living beings. For as long as ‘we’ are living a decent life, nothing else matters.

Surely, there’s nothing wrong with living your life. As the motto goes: “Live, and let live.” but if I’m living a decent life, and my brothers and sisters aren’t being able to live, how am I suppose to live?

I will end this post with Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote:

“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

Voice of Truth

I wish I learned from my mistakes.. Maybe then, I could change the past..

I wish I had what it takes.. To show you how it hurts..

I never wanted you to suffer.. So I’m glad you’re not..

I’m just sad you’re a bluffer.. You’ve fooled me allot..

We have to go our separate ways.. And forget about yesterdays..

You don’t need to forget..  You have already forgotten..

It is me who is still living in regret.. To the voice of Truth, I refuse to listen..

Momentary Fiction

It feels healthy to disconnect yourself from the real world for a while, especially when every time you take a look, you see a never ending vicious cycle of arguments, altercations, lies, insults, fighting, kidnapping, mocking, raping, etc. We sometimes need to live inside a fictional bubble, that isolates us from all the illnesses and pain that exist outside, either by reading a book, watching our favorite movies and shows, listening to music, or whatever that might help. I personally cannot withstand living in the real world continuously for so long… Can you?


Its amazing how one’s mood can change so dramatically from one minute to the next. One minute you’re happily flying above the clouds, receiving everything with optimism and joy. The next minute your soul turns so ill, feels like you need a punching bag so badly just to keep hitting it as hard as you can to release some trapped energy.

What’s even more amazing is the reason that triggers your anger. It is believed that a woman by the name Helen of Troy is what triggered the anger and started the Trojan war that lasted 10 years!

Women by instinct have some sort of hidden power that is when unleashed can cause irreversible damage. Especially if that woman is your ex, damage possibility doubles in an instance. I’ve seen so many posts that warn about talking with your ex, but I refuse to believe I am one of those people. I like to believe I am special.

That’s when reality manifests itself hitting me in the face, referring me to grow up, or else I still need more suffering to understand that I’m not that special.

But my mood has calmed down eventually, although the inflicted wounds are too deep and often leave a scar. Gotta be careful though next time. I don’t know what it is exactly about women that makes us melt in front of them! Seriously its so unethical. You women need to understand your power. With great power comes great responsibility, and you have a hell of a power over men. Just try to use it wisely without tampering with our emotions, that’s all I’m asking.

May none of us (men) ever stand in the way of a woman’s wrath.. Amen

May Allah be with us all


Contemplation – Pain

Pain.. What a feeling.. Hard to explain, hard to tolerate, hard to imagine.. Everything related to it becomes hard. I guess its best described in the famous saying: No pain, no gain.. Its always a certificate that we should be proud of.. Have you ever got into a surgical operation? Have you ever lost someone you love? Whether its physical or  psychological, its an experience that only those who felt pain can gain from.. That’s why some of the kindest people we know, are actually the most hurt..