The Pathetic Trainer

It’s been almost six months since I started this new job at the maternity hospital. So much to tell, with so little time available. It is this fact, the lack of time available for reading/writing/having fun, that is haunting me. I’m afraid I’m turning into a character I’ve been despising for years, that is, an individual running on money, just like how a car runs on gas.

It’s surprisingly thought provoking when I recall the time I used to work in Biomedical Engineering, going hand in hand with this trainer whose morals were curiously questioned, and the overflowing enthusiasm I had back then. Back then, I always wanted to do the best I can, learn the best I can, and help as many people as I can. And here comes the funny part: I did not take a single penny. I somehow had the power and will to work overtime, help this and help that, all for the sake of, what exactly? I don’t know. Professionalism maybe? Conscience? Good will?

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the powerful dedication that I had during these months as a Biomedical Engineer, that came to fade the moment I started working in return for a salary. Something happened, deep down inside, the moment I received my first salary in my hands from our financial manager. What happened exactly? I have no idea, but I have some clues to work on.

My dedication for work began to change its skin, little by little, gradually turning into a dedication for money. I’ve become motivated to do this and do that only if a material return is promised. The thought of helping someone with a job is slowly being haunted by the thought:

If you're good at something, never do it for free!

My interest in doing the things that I love is deliberately coming to a halt. I rarely play my guitar nowadays, I never open my reader to read what my fellow bloggers have to say. Even Facebook, the one tool that I use to interact with my old school friends, is being affected and slowly becoming an occasional thing.

All of a sudden, I find myself in this trainer’s shoes. I remember the times he used to rest, counting remaining hours/minutes/seconds to go home with a day’s money he did not work for. All I thought of back then was; What is wrong with this guy? Why is he acting so pathetically, carelessly not worrying about his duties, and just waiting for the end of the month to receive his salary? And before I know it, I became the pathetic trainer.

When did money become my number one interest? Does the lifestyle of paying your own bills and expenses have to do with any of this? Or is it the monetary system as a whole that is responsible for exposing people to such behavior? What about you? Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve noticed how voluntary work can be more sincere?



I believe that our deeds determine our achievements and failures. Although the existence of divine providence, this has nothing to do with what we ought to achieve. So throwing the blame on God and circumstances for something we failed to achieve, denotes nothing but justifications, and this is something towards which I am highly sensitive. I can’t stand watching someone talk about divine decrees and circumstances as the reason for him not reaching his goal, no matter what this goal happens to be.

Though I do agree on something relative to that topic. Although divine decrees are a reflection of our intentions and deeds, they are always the best scenarios that could happen to us specifically, serving all our life’s aspects. So it is true that failing to reach a certain goal denotes deficiency in your preparation, but it also denotes that this goal wasn’t going to serve you as much as you thought.

Rome Crew Weekly Update #2

Hello hello fellow members of the crew! How’s it going with all of you? Always know that you are all very inspiring to me personally. Seeing people striving to do their best, bit by bit, getting closer to their goals, always has an adrenaline effect that pushes me towards my own goals. So, just wanted to let you know that you all rock, rule, and play a significant role in the society. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing :)

Okay, time for some updates from our magnificent crew members:

John got nominated for the Best Moment Award, and shared with us an amazing acceptance speech, you gotta check it out here! – He also shared Elmore Leonard’s ten rules of writing, out of which I found some very interesting and useful. Make sure you check it out too here!

Every Wednesday, Kira hosts an amazing prompt on her blog that inspires all of us to be creative. I’m sure you’ll love it, here is this week’s prompt!

Pam was having some self-talk about her goals, and I personally thought she was being a little too hard on herself. Go visit her post here and tell her what you think!

Tracey did some minor inventory about what she think she lacks in writing. She actually got us all working on our writing skills too! For all the writers out there, you have some studying to do. No it’s not that boring if you already love writing :) Et voilà!

Am I the only one who gets inspired by how neat this guy’s thoughts are? I always get that feeling of “everything is in it’s right place” when I take a glimpse at the inside of his head! Check out Charles Yallowitz’s post here!

And of course, it’s always inspiring to read Brad’s daily RCC posts, and how he, most of the time, manages to conquer the negative voices inside his head, and be able to do such an impressive work, day by day. Don’t stop Brad, we’re almost there! Check his yesterday’s post here!

Okay folks! Don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates. Visit this link to know more about the Rome Construction Crew and what this is all about!

Keep on going, follow your bliss!


Rome Crew Weekly Update #1

Greetings fellow bloggers! I’ve missed you all like hell !! It has been a very busy week at work, I barely opened my reader, and when I did, it kept freezing on me!

In this week’s report, we have some very interesting news. First of all, the RCC tag is used by several RCCless bloggers. Turns out RCC is a photo program, as well as a Riverside City College, and Religion Communicators Council. How cool is that?!

But those things have nothing to do with our RCC. We are the rather more interesting, more cool, more productive kind of RCC. We build cities, write literature, work out, play music, and utilize our enthusiasm in every way possible. We are the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew!

Okay! Time for some updates from our awesome crew members:

Pamela has succeeded in achieving one of her RCC goals, go cheer her on and congratulate her on her recent milestone here!

Beth did an awesome review of what she did, is doing, and should be doing for the rest of her week. Go check it out here!

And of course, the man behind this whole awesome idea, keeps moving forward regardless to how the rest of the crew is handling their own goals. Go check out Green Embers for daily updates about his goals!

He also has created a page exclusively for the members! Don’t forget to have a look here!

Okay members! Please allow me to introduce to you our brand new members! :)

Annabel Lee @


Sarah M. Cradit @

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to the show :)

Alright fellows, keep us updated with your progress, and don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates!


A Call for Co-existence

Have you ever asked yourself how many religions exist in our world today? Have a quick look at this List of religions and spiritual traditions. What’s the purpose of religion and spirituality anyway? How could we live together in peace under the circumstances of this massive religious diversity we have today? Even if you thought of it as countries having different traditions, we still live in the same planet under one sky!

Do you notice how sometimes countries having larger religious diversities, tend to have more understanding and a better application of religions? While other countries that have smaller religious diversities often tend to lean towards extremism?

It’s because we are all different, we are meant to be different so that we could get to know one another. We are not here on Earth to fight on who’s right and who’s wrong, but to rather learn how to accept our differences.

If you are a believer of God, then you should understand that all religious principles are the same. There is no religion that teaches people fear, hatred and bloodshed. Religions are supposed to give our life meaning, justice, and serenity. The perspective of every religion may vary, but the main purpose stays the same; Communication with God.

I believe that having the ideology of “My religion is the only authentic religion in the world” and “Every person embracing any other religion than mine will burn in hell” is a sign of naivety. God is just, in fact one of the 99 names of Allah is “The Just”. And of course you don’t need to be a Muslim to know this fact about God. How can we believe that God is The Just while believing that all other people embracing other religions, out of whom may exist people who don’t know what God means, are going to hell? Who are we to say so?

Who are we to speak in the name of God? Are we Messengers? Angels? We are nothing but normal human beings. Our mentality does not withstand recognition of God’s way of thinking. We were created by God. Everything we know today, is because He permitted for this info to reach us. Yet instead we put ourselves in God’s shoes, God forbid, and we give ourselves the right to judge people.

I’m trying to say that we are all different. We live in different environments, societies, circumstances. Our perception is different. Human beings’ mentality vary from novice to brilliant. Each one has his own perspective. Each one has his own life to live, upon which his afterlife destiny will be determined. Who has permission to judge? The One and only with the ability to do so, know so, God.

So let us all accept our differences, learn to co-exist with each other, look for common grounds instead of differences. Learn that God is “The Utterly Just”, “The Exceedingly Merciful”. Every time we see a country where justice is very strict, we remember that if it was to be compared with God’s justice, it would appear so unjust. Every time we see a mother holding her baby in such mercy, we remember that if her mercy was to be compared with God’s, it would appear so cruel. I hope I wasn’t misunderstood in any way. Whatever your religion may be, God bless you.

May Allah be with us all


Contemplation – Perfection

Whenever I get involved in any activity, I cannot tolerate noticing that it can be done better without doing so. Besides having OCD, because I believe that we all suffer from OCD with varying forms, I have an obsession with perfectionism. I’m always looking for perfection in everything I do. Which is why I get disappointed most of the time. I refuse to acknowledge that perfection is not part of who we are. If we opened our manual, jumped to the preferences, we would find very intriguing aspects; We cannot live without making mistakes, forgetting important things, falling into sins, and drinking water. So why do I keep looking for a perfect life? Perfect partner? Perfect post? When all the answers will bring me nothing but disappointment?!!

Contemplation – Talents

I believe in talents, meaning that all people have different special abilities with different variations, that were given to them by God for a reason. Some find their talents right away, some spend more time in finding theirs, and some don’t even bother to look for that special ability that they possess. Even if your ability turns out to be something similar to someone else’s, both of you carry different messages that need to be delivered through your talents. You are creating a name that will still be remembered long after you’re gone, through the things that you do, and more importantly the people that you touch.

Contemplation – Pain

Pain.. What a feeling.. Hard to explain, hard to tolerate, hard to imagine.. Everything related to it becomes hard. I guess its best described in the famous saying: No pain, no gain.. Its always a certificate that we should be proud of.. Have you ever got into a surgical operation? Have you ever lost someone you love? Whether its physical or  psychological, its an experience that only those who felt pain can gain from.. That’s why some of the kindest people we know, are actually the most hurt..

Contemplation – Don’t Judge

Sometimes the hardest questions have the simplest answers, we just need to know where to look for them. Other times the questions that seem so hard are in fact simple, and we are the ones complicating things. Most of the time, our perception and understanding to ourselves, as well as our perspective to the world around us, is what indicates simplicity or complexity towards our decisions or whatever we encounter. It is for that reason that we cannot fairly judge the people around us, when we don’t have the slightest idea on what’s going on inside their world, or how they get to see it.

Contemplation – Souls

When ill, we are prepared to travel the world in search of a doctor who can cure us, but when our souls are diseased, we leave them to rot, waiting for Allah to send down guidance on a plate. We forget that we’re not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth, or as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin used to say it. Let us become more interested in feeding our souls rather than feeding our stomach, spend more time soul building rather than body building, and more time shopping for what could possibly make our souls look more wonderful and beautiful.