Sexual Harassment Week

Hello again, this time in my second post to this modest blog of absolute random bullshit. I wanna discuss some serious stuff every now and then to put some meaning to this meaningless page.

I went out today with some of my old friends, they are from a lower layer of lifestyle. I used to know them when I was at school and wanted to escape from a daily school routine. Sometimes I just used to escape from school, give them a call and meet them. Back then the differences between the lifestyles wasn’t obvious. But nowadays its kind of obvious to everyone that I’m from a different layer or lifestyle than them.

I meet them every time I wanna feel that ordinary human beings feeling, watch them discuss their problems, which wouldn’t have existed if they had enough money in their lives. Its good to remind myself that we are all equal, no matter which layer or lifestyle you belong to, you are still just like the beggar who asks everyone for money, except that you live in a house or an apartment and he lives in God knows where.

I was sitting with them today in a Coffee shop that is literally in the street, so you’re sitting and cars could actually hit the chair you’re sitting on. While we are sitting people are passing by us from every direction. When they catch a female passing they do not hesitate to verbally harass her, which caught my attention and I started to oppose that action one after another, until they stopped doing that action. Its a big problem in our society and no one actually understands the true magnitude of the problem unless he/she is dragged in between people in the streets.

To eliminate Sexual Harassment completely from our streets is a tough call, but what we can do is start by ourselves, friends and neighbors. Whenever you find someone verbally or even literally sexually harassing a female you should not stand still and watch. We should have what it takes to face this problem especially in a time when presidential campaigns are about to start and non of which I heard mentioned a clear solution to this problem.

May Allah be with us all..