Rome Crew Weekly Update #2

Hello hello fellow members of the crew! How’s it going with all of you? Always know that you are all very inspiring to me personally. Seeing people striving to do their best, bit by bit, getting closer to their goals, always has an adrenaline effect that pushes me towards my own goals. So, just wanted to let you know that you all rock, rule, and play a significant role in the society. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing :)

Okay, time for some updates from our magnificent crew members:

John got nominated for the Best Moment Award, and shared with us an amazing acceptance speech, you gotta check it out here! – He also shared Elmore Leonard’s ten rules of writing, out of which I found some very interesting and useful. Make sure you check it out too here!

Every Wednesday, Kira hosts an amazing prompt on her blog that inspires all of us to be creative. I’m sure you’ll love it, here is this week’s prompt!

Pam was having some self-talk about her goals, and I personally thought she was being a little too hard on herself. Go visit her post here and tell her what you think!

Tracey did some minor inventory about what she think she lacks in writing. She actually got us all working on our writing skills too! For all the writers out there, you have some studying to do. No it’s not that boring if you already love writing :) Et voilà!

Am I the only one who gets inspired by how neat this guy’s thoughts are? I always get that feeling of “everything is in it’s right place” when I take a glimpse at the inside of his head! Check out Charles Yallowitz’s post here!

And of course, it’s always inspiring to read Brad’s daily RCC posts, and how he, most of the time, manages to conquer the negative voices inside his head, and be able to do such an impressive work, day by day. Don’t stop Brad, we’re almost there! Check his yesterday’s post here!

Okay folks! Don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates. Visit this link to know more about the Rome Construction Crew and what this is all about!

Keep on going, follow your bliss!



Rome Crew Weekly Update #1

Greetings fellow bloggers! I’ve missed you all like hell !! It has been a very busy week at work, I barely opened my reader, and when I did, it kept freezing on me!

In this week’s report, we have some very interesting news. First of all, the RCC tag is used by several RCCless bloggers. Turns out RCC is a photo program, as well as a Riverside City College, and Religion Communicators Council. How cool is that?!

But those things have nothing to do with our RCC. We are the rather more interesting, more cool, more productive kind of RCC. We build cities, write literature, work out, play music, and utilize our enthusiasm in every way possible. We are the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew!

Okay! Time for some updates from our awesome crew members:

Pamela has succeeded in achieving one of her RCC goals, go cheer her on and congratulate her on her recent milestone here!

Beth did an awesome review of what she did, is doing, and should be doing for the rest of her week. Go check it out here!

And of course, the man behind this whole awesome idea, keeps moving forward regardless to how the rest of the crew is handling their own goals. Go check out Green Embers for daily updates about his goals!

He also has created a page exclusively for the members! Don’t forget to have a look here!

Okay members! Please allow me to introduce to you our brand new members! :)

Annabel Lee @


Sarah M. Cradit @

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to the show :)

Alright fellows, keep us updated with your progress, and don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates!


Blogging, Nonsense & Thankfulness

Lately I’ve been looking at the blogging experience from a different perspective other than improving my writing skills through interpreting what’s happening. A group therapy like perspective, as if we are all one family, traveling on the same journey heading to the same destination. Every now and then it’s someone’s turn to speak out his mind and we all have to listen to what he has to say. If he needs some kind of help that is within our capability we do not hesitate to offer him the help he needs.

Sometimes the benefits that come from someone just speaking out his mind are way beyond our expectations. These individual thoughts when translated into words written on a post for us to read can be full of inspiration not just for the writer of these thoughts, but for everyone reading them.

Ever since I grew up, I have been always assuming that everyone around me is good until proven otherwise. In religion or spirituality, it is a sign of mercy to think of the intentions of the people around you as good, and wisdom to assume that God wants nothing but the best for us. As time went by, it turns out that there is a thin line between assuming good from the people around you, and being a complete idiot. It’s nice to assume that the people around you are well intentioned, but not applicable at all times. Some circumstances require the complete opposite. Like being in a rat race for example, while assuming that the people around you are nothing more than rats.

Another thing has been occupying my mind lately is the obsession with perfectionism. Besides from having an OCD, because I believe that we all suffer from OCD with varying forms. But for me whenever I get involved in any activity, I cannot tolerate the fact that it can be done better without doing so. If I am required to record a music track that I have written for example, I am prepared to record it a million times until the outcome is 100% clear of any flaws. While those flaws may not even be recognized by the listeners.

But thinking of this perfectionism issue on a larger scale, like daily decisions that involve arranging priorities, relationship issues, or even choosing your life partner, it can be devastating! So I am trying to overcome this problem by acknowledging that it is part of who we are as human beings to make mistakes, forget, fall into sins, etc., without making a fuss out of everything.

I just finished my first week at my training for the job as a Biomedical Engineer in a large hospital. It’s so far very interesting. I follow my trainer everywhere he goes. We get daily calls and complaints from different departments about machines that are not working properly, and so we head to fix those machines as soon as possible. But his work appears to me somehow very careless. I don’t know if it’s my OCD manifesting itself or is it my conscious that is awake. The guy appears knowledgeable and all, and he fixes the machines, but he doesn’t make sure that the problems doesn’t persist. There’s always a 50% chance the machine will malfunction once again, and I actually witnessed it with my own eyes during this week!

I’m still new and all, and I know it’s too early to jump to conclusions, but nevertheless I’m spending some time learning something new, which is my goal. But if I was the boss of that trainer, I wouldn’t keep him in that position, just saying! I wouldn’t accept the work of someone so careless, or at least I would do something about it other than firing him.

But all in all I am thankful. I am thankful for finding a job, learning something new, having a bunch of amazing fellow bloggers here reading my nonsense. Everyday I get to discover new bloggers who turn out to be more awesome than I expected. My working hours has caused the number of cigarettes I smoke to shrink, which is awesome! So there’s lots of reasons to feel happy, optimistic, hopeful, etc.

There’s this famous quote from the famous American Beauty that I think about often. “Its hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world.” – Lester Burnham.

Thank you for reading!


Rome Crew Update – Issue #12

Greetings fellow bloggers of the Blogosphere, of the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew, how is life treating you so far?

Kira posted yesterday’s RCC update, which was extremely cool by the way! She welcomed some new but very talented members to the crew, if you haven’t checked them out yet, you ought to!

Lets see what happened so far since yesterday… Oops! Kira’s post turned out was posted today, sorry my mistake :D You still gotta check it out though. Go on I’m waiting for you, won’t go anywhere.

Due to yesterday’s brutal Boston Marathon incident, lots of members of the crew participated in posts sharing a moment of silence, prayers, and thoughts on the incident. It’s really sad, I actually was writing this RC issue, then found myself writing 200+ words on yesterday’s incident, which made me copy them into a separate post.

But anyway, back to our awesome crew updates. Charles did make me smile by his poem today, go check it out here. You’ll find it.. Well, go find for yourself :D

Helen posted another thoughtful beautiful poem of hers, as we always expect from her, go check it out here.

Ionia posted yesterday on how often do you check your spam filter. I personally found her post funny, check it out here.

Destiny shared with us amazing cover designs for her new novel. I found them really professional, go check them out here, and tell her what you think!

Pamela posted today on how silly grammatical errors aren’t that silly at all, but are worth looking into. Check it out here.

Kori posted yesterday a very inspiring post, discussing which way is better for having an MFA. I recommend all of you writers and authors to check it out here.

Gwen posted today a rather personal but inspiring post, its called wedding dresses and writing. I found it so beautiful, check it out here.

John posted today his versatile blogger award post, sharing random things about himself, as well as nominating a talented fellow blogger nominee. Go check it out here.

Elizabeth posted yesterday a beautiful poem, called Hourglass. I obviously wasn’t the only one who liked it allot! Check it out here.

Beth shared with us her long term and short term goals for her Rome Construction. Go cheer her on here!

Stuck shared with us his contribution in the daily prompt: The Satisfaction of a List. Check it out here.

And last but not least,

Olivia posted yesterday her versatile blogger award post, with random things about herself, as well as nominating some fellow bloggers. Check it out here!

Alright fellow comrades of the Blogosphere! Keep those posts coming. Don’t forget to tag your posts with RCC or Rome Construction if you wish them to be included in the RCC updates, otherwise you’ll just count on the interest of sir Bradley, lieutenant Kira, and myself :P


Good News

After a long tough road full of obstacles and difficulties, I finally reach my destination, sort of. I finally started training for a job two days ago! I mean yaay! right? Yeah I guess so, at least I’m spending the next month or so getting ready to start a job, instead of searching for one, and for that I am thankful.

It’s surprising to see God putting certain kinds of people in your way, facilitating everything for you the way you want it. Well not exactly the way my greedy self wants it, but it definitely turned out much easier than I expected. Lets just hope for the best, as I still have a loooong way of goals and dreams to accomplish. Or as Robert Frost used to say: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

I’m so happy I got to know a variety of bloggers, who helped me allot realize the meaning of unconditional love, support, that I am not alone, and that we can be so close to each other no matter how far we are on the map.

I woke up yesterday morning and realized I was nominated by the amazing Kira for the versatile blogger award! That was another yaay! moment for me :) Thank you so much for your generosity. Although I am a new follower of your blog, but I already fell in love with your posts, frankly speaking. I’m not saying so to return you a favor, I really fell in love with them! I wish you continued success in wrestling life while inspiring all of us around you.

I know I have a part to do in this award nomination, I will do my best to cover it. My spare time actually has shrunk allot, as well as my energy. I wake up so early in the morning and do allot of physical effort during work, may consider it part of the weekly exercise! By the time I return home, I have enough energy to do nothing but carry myself toward the bed. Maybe because I’m still at the beginning, maybe I’ll get used to it, or maybe this physical effort will decrease in time. I’ll do my best and hope for it.

Thank you comrades!

May Allah be with us all



RCC Update #2

Whats up guys! How’s it going? I hope everyone is alive and well chasing their goals! I gave it a second thought on my goals, I guess they lacked prioritizing. So I’ll focus on one thing at a time just for the moment. I’ll start with the most important goal that I need ASAP, which is the job. So from now on I’m focusing mainly on finding any job, doesn’t matter how degrading. I’m thinking that doing anything is much better than doing nothing at all. Here in Saudi Arabia the weekend days are Thursdays and Fridays. So starting from next Saturday hopefully, I’m going on a restless job hunt journey within the boundaries of the city we’re staying in. Hopefully it wouldn’t take much long time.

So that was my news! How about the rest of the crew?

Please say hello to our newest members: Beth (Comfortably Numb) @
& Stuck @ Hello Hello Hello! :)

Kindly remember to tag your RCC posts with ‘Rome Construction’, that will make it much easier for everyone to follow up on each other ;)

If you’re not yet a member and wondering what is that all about, click here.

Follow your bliss!


RCC Update

Greetings comrades of the Blogosphere! Been a very tough low self esteemed week. My uncle passed away last week, felt terribly sad I could not see him before that happened. He was a good person at heart, and we were close to each other mentally, although the age difference wasn’t small. Its funny how life on Earth is so unjust sometimes. How God sometimes chooses to take the lives of the good, leaving us the wicked evil ones, makes me wonder about the wisdom behind it.

Anyhow, I’m hopefully back on track. Well, sort of. I had a list of things to take care of during this April. I was supposed to:

  • Find a Job. (status: still seeking)
  • Exercise at least once a week. (status: haven’t started yet)
  • Read Read Read. (status: read for two days, then stopped)
  • Write. (status: nothing written yet)
  • Practice some music. (status: nope!)
  • Meditate everyday. (status: over meditation AKA laziness)

Its been 10 days and I’m not quite happy with my outcome so far. Need to take things more seriously. Hopefully with the help of you guys and the crew, I should be having a more productive outcome next week.

Okay enough about me, lets find out what the rest of the crew is doing!

Okay we have 4 new members since I last checked (No you’re not, I’m the lazy one). A2LSM @ Kori Miller @ John W Howell @ & Elizabeth Cook @ Hello Hello and welcome to the club! :)

Gwen was hosting a virtual birthday party for Charles yesterday! You deserve it sir, keep up the awesome work.

Ionia was talking about a cool new way of promoting your work as an author here.

Destiny helped in sharing David Farland’s book bomb, our help is definitely needed.

Pamela posted about being thankful for teachers in our lives.

I guess that’s it for now. Keep up the amazing work you guys! Oh I almost forgot, if you’re wondering what the heck is that Rome Construction Crew thing, click here.