Monomaths vs Polymaths: Tribal Warfare Over the Future

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The Monomath:

The average job now is done by someone who is stationary in front of some kind of screen. Someone who has just one overriding interest is tunnel-visioned, a bore, but also a specialist, an expert. Welcome to the monopathic world, a place where only the single-minded can thrive. _Robert Twigger

vs The Polymath

Classically, a polymath was someone who ‘had learnt much’, conquering many different subject areas. As the 15th-century polymath Leon Battista Alberti — an architect, painter, horseman, archer and inventor — wrote: ‘a man can do all things if he will’. During the Renaissance, polymathy became part of the idea of the ‘perfected man’, the manifold master of intellectual, artistic and physical pursuits. _Robert Twigger

It may be true that “Anyone can learn to be a polymath,” but to be the best polymath you can be, you need to start early. As the years…

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Stories Under the Pyramids: Lives Threatened by Egypt’s Revolution

Hoping that the situation returns to its normal state soon

Egyptian Streets

By Mohamed Khairat, founder,

Once one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, Egypt’s Pyramids have been void of tourists since the 2011 revolution. For thousands of Egyptians whose incomes rely on tourism at the Pyramids, the lack of tourism has hit hard.

Near the Pyramids, once vibrant shopping streets now feel cold: tour operators have shut down, souvenir shops are soulless, and cafes once popular with tourists are empty.

At the Giza Necropolis – housing the Great Pyramids of Giza – hundreds of vendors and horse and camel operators are desperately searching for hope that tourists would return. In 2010, 14 million tourists from across the globe visited Egypt. Today, that number has declined by more than 50 percent – with the majority of tourists visiting locales along Egypt’s Red Sea.

Nevertheless, local Egyptians working in the tourism industry at the Pyramids remain hopeful that tourism – their…

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A girl or a woman.

Interesting thoughts that are worth reading, especially for females out there.

As  I am changing my life I truly feel like I am becoming a woman.

What is the difference between a woman and a girl? A cultivated sense of self. As you get older, you become wiser. Very true age old saying.



‘I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.’ Whitney Houston

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being either. I just wanted to express my thoughts about my feelings, and experiences of what I believe is entering womanhood.

You learn not to sweat the small stuff, you learn about true relationships and people. You become aware of who you are. The things you like, the things you dislike. Youve made enough mistakes to learn from (perhaps are still learning). After years of hard work, growing and learning some woman find it objectionable to be labelled or…

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30 Things To Know about Cairo & Egyptians

Some nice advices for anyone wishing to pay us a visit!

Hong Kong & Beyond: Bite into the World






I spent the last year living in Cairo through its chaos and ridiculousness, enjoying its unpredictability and contradictions to the fullest. You either love Cairo or you hate it. If you can’t learn to let go of your expectations and laugh at your disasters the city will only make you cry and pull your hair out.  In order to survive Cairo you just kind of have to accept it for what it is; the chaos is kind of charming, and it grows on some of us. Despite all the hell Cairo gave me, I will always have a place in my heart for it (mostly because of my dear friends that are still there, inshallah they are always safe). That said, it’s not for everyone, but here are some tips everyone should know about Cairo and Egyptians before traveling or living in Egypt.

  1. Egyptians have no sense of…

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Egypt Through Time: Photographs From 1800-2013

Egyptian Streets

Since the 2011 revolution, old photographs of Egypt and classic films showing an elegant and prosperous Egyptian society have sporadically appeared on social networks. Essentially, many are searching to learn and be inspired by the past in order to build a brighter future.  Below, is a collection of photographs of Egypt (mainly from Cairo and Alexandria) taken between the 1800s and present day.




Present Day

[Photographs sourced from various locations – many without credits. Some sources include Egypt Zaman, The Denver Post, LIFE, and The New York Public Library]

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A Small Favor

Loyalty is a rare commodity, we seldom stumble upon people with such characteristics. If God put such people in your way, know that you are truly blessed, and ask Him to keep them near you forever.

One of those people is a fellow blogger among us, who happens to be temporarily away for health purposes. If it’s okay to ask, would you please keep Ionia Martin in your thoughts for a while?

For those of you who already know her, I’m sure you don’t need an introduction. For those of you who don’t, well, you’re definitely missing allot of good in this world.

So please, keep her in your thoughts, prayers, and I’ll do the same.

May Allah be with us all

Ten Things I Learned From My Father

I read a quote today on Obama’s page on fb. It says:”Any fool could have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father.”
I enjoyed this post allot, take the time and indulge in it, it’s worth it!

The Renegade Rulebook

A few months ago, I featured a post titled “Ten Things I Learned From My Mom.” I’ve spent the last few weeks reflecting, and decided that I also wanted to feature a similar post dedicated to my father. I’m fortunate enough to have two loving parents that I am very close with, and I hope some day that I can take everything I’ve learned from them, and apply it to my own parenting techniques.

1. Kick ‘Em Where It Hurts

In first grade, I came off the school bus hysterically crying. My dad met me at the top of our driveway, tried to console the sobbing little human peeking timidly up at him from underneath her bangs, while clutching her ninja turtle lunch box. After he asked me what was wrong, I explained that another boy on the bus had been saying mean things to me. My dad told me…

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My Grandfather

I am back home in Egypt to spend a two months vacation with my lovely family. I became deeply saddened by what I saw the moment I arrived home. Remember how life is so fragile? Well, I am reminded by that every single moment of everyday.

Four months ago, back in Saudi Arabia, my grandfather was visiting us, me and my mom, with my cousin DouDou, and I remember we had such a beautiful time together. Everyone was so happy, the weather was perfect, we even went to Mecca, prayed in Almasjid Alharam mosque, performed Umrah, and despite the fact that we missed our flight back from Mecca, it was so much fun to be together.

But my grandfather sadly fell on his head the moment he arrived home in Egypt, had a minor concussion, and his frontal lobe got affected by this incident. It was shocking to hear the news of someone who was just with you a few hours ago perfectly fine, saying that he has lost some memories, having behavioral changes, and is no longer able to communicate like before.

I was skeptical the whole time I was in Saudi Arabia, thinking that everyone was kind of exaggerating the situation. But when I arrived here, and laid my eyes on him for the first time since the accident, I acknowledged that it was true. I kept having flashbacks of his sense of humor, his smile that never left his face, his humble personality, and how he has never hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

I pray God to ease his pain that we cannot feel, bless him for what he was and still is, and bless us through him. Although he’s not fully with us nowadays, but we owe him the benefit of combining all of us together, around him every single day.


This is a picture of he and I, while I was still a UFO creature.

UsThis is a picture of the three of us, myself – my mother – DouDou – him, in Saudi Arabia, a couple days before the accident.

Thank you for reading, may God be with us all..