I Will Try

Another year swifts by, as we stand still and gaze up high. What more could be coming for us and why? We are chosen to live while others were chosen to die. It’s just a rule, to which the universe chooses to comply. When is it time to reconcile? With people whom you no longer care if they laugh or cry? Maybe that’s the reason why, we’re left here alive while others in the dirt lie. Maybe we’re supposed to do something for you and I. For when the next year arrives, we breathe a happy sigh. Maybe I’m not ready yet, but I will try. I will try.


No Need To Worry

There, there. It’s all going to be fine. It’s not a nightmare you’re living, it’s decisions of the divine. You can accept them and learn, you can also just whine. No one will judge you, as you are no longer nine. It’s a series of ups and downs, your life will definitely incline. Feel free to decline, it’s your life down the line. You might choose to escape, maybe stay offline. As if that will change the timeline! Or you may stay online, with the One who’s capable to define, all that is yet to come, and all that had come combined. One day at a time, I’m sure you will see sunshine. As for every cloud up there, there’s always a silver line. There’s no need to worry, it’s all going to be fine.

Another weekend shining on the calendar, another few more hours waiting to be enjoyed. Waking up early, as the rest are still asleep. Enjoying the blissful morning breeze, causing us to mentally leap. Learning to value the beauty of the small things around me. The friendly greetings from strangers passing by, the cheerful singing of birds up high. Morning cup of coffee, with a normal cigarette. Or maybe I should quit smoking, maybe try some nicorette. The silent hours at the end of the night, while lying in the dark, out of reach, and out of sight. Peace of mind is something worth fighting for, though you never know how long it will last. If only I could live this metaphor, like a perfect movie, with just me in the cast.

My Lord

I know I can never thank you enough, my Lord. Though I shall never stop thanking..

I know I can never be ready to meet you, my Lord. Though I shall never stop preparing..

I know I can never have all what I ask for, my Lord. Though I shall never stop asking..

I know I can never stop committing sins, my Lord. Though I shall never stop repenting..

I know I can never stop worrying, my Lord. Though I shall never doubt your timing..

I know I can never be satisfied, my Lord. Though I shall never stop trying..

Voice of Truth

I wish I learned from my mistakes.. Maybe then, I could change the past..

I wish I had what it takes.. To show you how it hurts..

I never wanted you to suffer.. So I’m glad you’re not..

I’m just sad you’re a bluffer.. You’ve fooled me allot..

We have to go our separate ways.. And forget about yesterdays..

You don’t need to forget..  You have already forgotten..

It is me who is still living in regret.. To the voice of Truth, I refuse to listen..


Trying to forget the past using future discovery. But pain follows me fast, because I’m trapped in mental slavery.

People think I’m an idiot, let them think to please their appetite. I pay no attention to their words, it only pisses me off during the night.

What could be done to clear all this mess?

Should I be rude or nice? Or maybe I should toggle once or twice?

Should I teach them how to speak? Then I end up being a freak?

I know one day their souls will crumble like a myth. Because simply, they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

They can run but they can’t hide, and I may slip but I won’t slide.

I’ll travel the world side by side, they’ll burn in hell far behind.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, lets act as who we are, and do what we must.

I’ll get ready to catch the bus, you keep wandering in your fuss.

The bus will lead me to the sky, where doorways are found up high.

On the day of equality, where the guilty is guilty.

So I don’t have to worry, I guess. Maybe I just need to confess.

Maybe I just need to repent, on each penny I have spent.

On each second I have wasted, or every sin I have tasted.

So I’ll just close my eyes, gaze at the skies, and hope that I don’t end up a hater like you guys.

Some People

Some people spend their whole life trying to be famous.. Others just wish they could be invisible..

Some people try to get money by any means necessary.. Others try to spend it on anything unnecessary..

Some people risk millions of lives for the benefit of themselves.. Others don’t really care about their lives anymore..

Some people are willing to do anything for the benefit of human kind.. Others are willing to do exactly the opposite..

Some people dream of becoming successful to feed their ego.. Others dream of becoming less aware of themselves to kill their ego..

Some people put so much trust in you and you throw it all away.. Others put so much shit on you and you keep them locked in pain..

Some people would do anything just to be with someone.. Others would do anything just to avoid being with someone..

Some people invest in what they own today for owning more tomorrow.. Others don’t know what the future holds for them..

Some people collect what they’ve invested to be able to live happily.. Others already gave up on what they have and don’t know how to live humanly..

Some people buy.. Some people sell..

Some people write.. Some people tell..

Some people cry.. Some people pray..

Some people love.. Some people learn..

Some people continue to do the same things

Some people do not understand the meaning of life.. Others got the whole truth in their heart..

Which kind are you?

Circle of life

Everyday we learn something new, something good, something true.. For a moment when we get to use it, but when exactly? We have no clue..

With a hidden force driving us towards tomorrow, we submit ourselves overwhelmed by our sorrow..

What is it that you want? What is it that you need? What is it that you’re prepared to fight for indeed?

Einstein fought for relativity, Newton fought for gravity.. All we fight for today brings us nothing but misery..

We look at our past and talk with proud.. Until we reach to a point that we’re lost in the crowd..

Its okay to stay, its okay to lay.. With no one to blame for wasting your day..

Think of it as a trophy, or think of it as a duty.. Its all about perspectives in conquering your enemy..

May none of us be neither an oppressor nor oppressed.. We all live in the same bubble, the same home, the same nest..

Moments of Clarity

If only I can start up from a different origin.. If only I can rewind and watch it all begin..

Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough to cover your tracks.. Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough to twist the facts..

If you’re really sorry about what you’ve done in your past.. Start by changing something, something that might last..

Do you think we exist here just to fill some place? Do you think we’re that difficult to be erased?

All I care about right now is to ace this test.. Ace it for I will finally forever rest..

Life moves by like the clouds above me.. If I am held by chains today, tomorrow I’ll be free..

I only wish to go to sleep with nothing to regret.. Nothing to over think, nothing to expect..