One simply wants to reach utter success without exerting the least of effort. When I look at any successful person, I only see his success, neglecting the huge amount of effort he did to reach there. And I keep dreaming to reach there. It’s good to dream though, but it’s useless without the effort. One needs to concentrate more on his daily activities, and leave the rest. Success will come at the right time. Thinking about it very often won’t do me any good.

Today I remind myself to do what I have to do, walk the line, and cut the bullshit.


Life is tough, there’s no denying to that fact. You have a chance of melting down across the events of your life, and no one has the right to throw a blame on you. Because again, life is tough. No matter how different we are from each other, and how different our lives can be, still we all feel some sort of stress at times, resulting from surviving this life. We are in great need of empathy. We somehow depend on this slight tap on the back to keep on walking. No one can survive on his own. We are useless and helpless on our own. We are all equivalent on the inside. We are all in need of the same things. Though we rarely see so. We prefer to be treated perfectly although we’re not. We forget to forgive, and remember not to give.

Today I remind myself of what I am, and how I can survive this jungle.

My Lord

I know I can never thank you enough, my Lord. Though I shall never stop thanking..

I know I can never be ready to meet you, my Lord. Though I shall never stop preparing..

I know I can never have all what I ask for, my Lord. Though I shall never stop asking..

I know I can never stop committing sins, my Lord. Though I shall never stop repenting..

I know I can never stop worrying, my Lord. Though I shall never doubt your timing..

I know I can never be satisfied, my Lord. Though I shall never stop trying..

To God We Belong

To God we belong, and to Him we shall return; A sentence we, Muslims, say in the face of any catastrophe, reminding ourselves of our origin and eventually our destiny. Our eyes flood with tears, our hearts burn with sorrow, but we never speak of anything other than what pleases God; Another sentence we repeat after our Holy Prophet in the face of similar circumstances.

Death is the most denied fact of all time. We refuse to believe that it is true. We live our lives from the East to the West, distracted by this world’s goods, and we seldom think of what may happen to us the moment we leave our bodies and head towards our Creator. We prefer to think otherwise, although we are similar to passengers travelling on a train, with each passenger leaving it when reaching his destination station.

My Grandfather passed away last Monday morning, so we booked a ticket back to Egypt as soon as possible to share our grief with the rest of our family members and loved ones. Unfortunately, me and my mom didn’t have the privilege of attending his burial due to the lack of time and flights available. But we did attend the funeral, and we were told that the burial went so smoothly, with everything facilitated and blessed.

To me he wasn’t only my Grandfather. He was my Father, who raised my cousins and I all together, among whom were orphans. He was a friend, with whom we all enjoyed sitting and joking with everyday. His hands has never hurt anyone, his mouth has never spoken badly about anyone, and his heart has never carried an atom of hate towards anyone. He was surely a rare combination of character, that hardly exists in this world.

His wide smile is what resonates in everyone’s memory of him, as he rarely took it off his face. He was deeply loved by everyone, a love that was reflected in the massive amounts of people attending his burial and praying for him.

Grandpa.. The magnitude of the love you gave us cannot be put into words. You gave us hope and faith in humanity involuntarily through your unique character. You taught us how to enjoy life peacefully, without any form of agitation. You showed us how a real man should treat his wife, through your devotion to our Grandmother, during her life and afterwards. You brought joy to everywhere you went, and took it with you the moment you left. Life can never be the same without you in it.

I pray God to have mercy on you, and to reunite all of us once again in Heaven, Amen.

May Allah be with us all

God’s Novels

Imagine yourself reading a novel. You’re taken by how skillfully it is written, amazed by the resemblance of its events with your life. You think what an amazing writer! The guy has the ability to create a whole new world, able to touch us greatly, with just a few words. The more you advance in it, the more lessons you learn, and the more you can’t put it down.

Well guess what? We are living in one!

Believe it or not, we are all characters, living in a series of novels, that were written by the writer, who created all the writers, long time ago.

Have you ever tried reading the novel of the mountains? The vast sea and its living creatures? The clouds? Waterfalls?

Some people may argue, claiming that in our lives, we are the ones taking decisions, and therefore writing them.

Well, have you ever heard of a co-author?

God has made us co-authors on Earth. We have the ability to develop, and to destroy. Sadly, most of the time, we are driven towards the latter.

So next time you get to read one of God’s novels, pay attention, read between the lines, get the whole truth. It’s not some fictional novel that you’re about to indulge into, and it’s not a based on a true story kinda novel either. It’s an actual, ongoing novel, that you are part of. How cool is that?


Aging is very sad, isn’t it? How many times have we looked in the mirror and realized we’ve grown old? Seeing pictures of our parents and grandparents, and comparing them with how we see them today, gives us a hint on what is coming for us. It’s more like an imminent stage in life, that can only be replaced by something more formidable; Death.

Yet as much as I hate growing old, I do love the company of the old. As we grow older, our skin wrinkles, and our body weakens, but though one thing I believe grows stronger in the process; Our souls. Old people tend to have a huge heart, always forgiving, and always an icon that we can learn allot from.

I think God’s wisdom behind letting us grow old or seeing our family members do, is for us to acknowledge that nothing ever lasts, except Him. For millions of years, life has been going on, and still is. People come and people go, that’s the so called circle of life. Sometimes we need to be reminded with our mortality, to know that this life is a transit one, and therefore, not to be attached to us.

Living a ‘Fitnah’

I always thought about the Arabic word ‘Fitnah‘ and what God meant by it in different divine contexts. Most of the time my thoughts would be driven towards the Antichrist Fitnah, and how it would be so severe that people would easily fall for it. As a matter of fact, whenever this specific Fitnah is mentioned, we do not ask God to guide us to the right path, but instead, we pray that we wouldn’t be those people witnessing it.

I did not understand why or how could justice be so fragile in the hands of man. Or how difficult it would be to follow the right path, or even identify it. Nowadays, we are given a minor example of how burdening it is to be living in the middle of an ongoing Fitnah, where no one knows for sure which path is the righteous one, or on whose side lies justice.

What’s saddening is that it is not merely as we suppose. Our leaders know almost every detail about what’s going on, and how deadly things can be, yet the least of their attention is not drawn. Hundreds of human lives are claimed in the process, and are dealt with as a game of chess.

What kind of wicked spell takes over those in power?

Pattern of Regret

I sometimes feel trapped in memories of critical points in my life, where I keep thinking what if I acted differently at that time, what would have happened, where would I be today. I know they’re pointless and tiring, but I can’t help myself, and I keep falling in this pattern of regret, whenever I look at pictures or objects from my past.

To Live is to Suffer?

Since my arrival in Egypt, for the past two weeks, the environment inside our home has been pretty agitated. My grandfather’s condition and our constant supervision for him, plus my aunt’s condition and her wavering platelets count, all has put us all in an endless vortex of thoughts, prayers, and hopes.

Seeing the pain that my family is currently going through, makes me think of suffering as the normal way of living. My thoughts has been involuntarily directed towards a pattern of pessimism, or so Ionia tells me.

But then I was wandering in my facebook news feed the other day, when I stumbled upon an old black and white photo of two soldiers standing in front of a furnace that contains people inside. I immediately thought to myself: “If you think you and your family are suffering, think again!”

Think of the Jews and what happened to them during the holocaust. Think of the Palestinians who are living in constant struggles since 1948. Think of all the victims of all different kinds of hateful crimes around the world. How are they suppose to feel? live? nurture? love?

Or is it naturally normal to suffer in order to grow stronger, feel more deeply, and think more wisely with an open minded mentality?

What do you think?

More Details = More Misery

The more details we ask for, the more misery we live in. I’m guessing the more knowledgeable people become, the more they moan in their lives. It’s very peculiar how human beings always feel the urge of knowing more, albeit all they’re having in return is less comfort and peace of mind. Think about that for a second…