2 Years Blogging!

I’m truly grateful for getting the chance to know some of the bloggers out there in the world of WordPress. Although most of you are authors wishing to publish their work, the reason I use WordPress is quite different I suppose. Unfortunately, I believe I’m not quite skilled at writing. I think my writing skills need a major make over, if I am to seek making a living out of it. So for me, I think it’s best if I kept it as a hobby, or a way to document my life’s most interesting moments and ideas.

I have to say I was introduced to some of the most interesting people out here in the writing and blogging world. It is very rare, or close to never, when you get to see hateful comments or posts around here. Everyone is just chilling, doing what he/she does best, without any discrimination of any kind. That’s the best pro I guess, about this community. All the people I got to know so far, are completely mentally mature and warmhearted, regardless to their age.

I cannot believe that it’s been 2 years already. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I started this blog, I was searching for a job, and the search is still ongoing. Maybe because the time you enjoy passes very rapidly, and I honestly enjoy the time spent here. Or maybe I simply lost perception of time, without the need of further complicated explanations.

Some of the bloggers that I’ve known have touched me greatly, and have changed the way I see almost everything. I wanted to mention some, but I thought it would be better to just leave it open, and see if you can guess who I’m talking about.

I was introduced to writing as a form of meditation and recovery. I was motivated to work on my own shortcomings, and help others do the same. I’ve seen how a mother could work her ass off, not literally, to help raise her children. I’ve learned to love dinosaurs, and have seen how they could be an incredible inspiration for a blog. I’ve learned the differences between Liches, Elves, and zombies, known where they are, and made sure to never cross their paths. And I’ve learned how a modern cow is as a modern cow does. But more importantly, I’ve seen the essence of unconditional love, and how it drives us all towards a more meaningful, and humane way of life.

Thank you all for the lovely environment you’ve created, seriously, you’ve done a great job. Keep up the magnificent work :)


1 Year Blogging, 25 Years Life

I’ve been thinking on where to start, thought it would be best just to kick the words out and get it over with without the need of any drama.

I realized that when I concentrate on what I’ve done so far, I keep dreaming about how an awesome individual I am and forget about what I should be doing. Got to admit it feels good to day dream, but as I said, no drama.

One year has passed since I first started this blog! Can you believe this shit?! Well not exactly, my first post was posted on March 13th last year. So its literally a year minus 6 days. But I chose to celebrate with you guys the one year anniversary today, since today is also my birthday and I am officially a quarter of a century man now.

This modest blog started off as a trial. I felt jealous because I found almost every single person on twitter is a blogger. I thought to myself how hard could it be? I used to practice my writing skills in emails between me and my old man, so I thought this must be similar. After my first post I quickly ran to my Bio and added the word “Blogger” in it, and it felt like I was the bloggest blogger alive!

Today when I get to read my previous posts, some remind me of very sweet moments, some remind me of moments completely the opposite, some posts make me die laughing, thinking what the hell was I thinking?!

But anyway its just another ordinary blog, no need for the fuss.

Today I fulfilled 25 years of meaningless life. I’m trying to make a meaning out of the rest of it. Or like the famous Pulp Fiction quote: I’m trying Ringo, I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd..

I would like to thank every single blogger who follows me, I hope I’m not too boring. Thanks to everyone who shared or liked any of my posts. Hopefully the best is yet to come, If Allah wills so, or as we say in Arabic InShaa’ Allah.

May Allah be with us all..