Live, and Let Live

This is your life, and it is yours alone. You have complete freedom over your actions, as long as this freedom does not hinder someone else’s. You’re free to love, free to hate, free to build, free to waste. You’re free to live a life that defines you. Because in the end, that’s all that matters.

The same with feelings. You cannot force a certain feeling on someone. Just because you sympathize with someone, doesn’t mean the whole world must feel the same way. We are, nevertheless, different in how we express our emotions, and our brains are not wired the same way. Though this argument immediately turns empty with certain subjects of interest. Some subjects should never be argued between one human being and another, unless one of them is a psychopath, only then no justified blame can be thrown.

As we move forward in time, we’re constantly anticipating changes that would make our lives easier. Time, along side with hard work, has always mesmerized us with the amount, quality, and pace of development, growth, and evolution that the future holds for us. But all of this is of the material world. Speaking of the spiritual world, nothing but pure degradation is the outcome of these changes.

As fast as the expansion and development of the material world is considered, spirituality, along side with humanity, is coming to an end. We are, nonetheless, spiritual beings.

One of the reasons why we’ve reached this level of apathy, is I believe to be ignoring our instincts, ignoring our brothers and sisters’ need for sympathy. We became selfish living beings. For as long as ‘we’ are living a decent life, nothing else matters.

Surely, there’s nothing wrong with living your life. As the motto goes: “Live, and let live.” but if I’m living a decent life, and my brothers and sisters aren’t being able to live, how am I suppose to live?

I will end this post with Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote:

“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”


5 thoughts on “Live, and Let Live

  1. I don’t think the human brain is wired for that. For it to work that way everyone would need to have that way of thinking.

    There have been so many times when someone I know has annoyed me because they just don’t help themselves; they are lazy, want everything handed to them on a plate etc. They bleat and moan about hard done by they are and yet do little to try and pull themselves out of that situation.

    Sometimes even I fall under that category.

    If they don’t care about themselves, then why should I care about them? BUT this doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good person, but there has to be a lower level that is not crossed if others cannot be bothered.

    • Thanks, moi. Though I think you and I, we’re both speaking about different topics. I’m speaking about showing sympathy instead of apathy. You’re speaking about manning up and carrying your own responsibilities. Or did I get you wrong?

    • Lol, Hi Mohamed, I think you are misreading me. I thought your post was about helping others, that we as a race should help each other, my response was based around that sometimes other people, the people that are asking for help are lazy and want a lot of things handed to them (of course not everyone but some) so I was essentially saying, Why help them if they cannot help themselves.

      However I sense that I have misread/misunderstood your post, if so, my apologies.

    • Lol, I’m sorry to confuse you my friend. I admit, sometimes my writing confuses its readers. You’re right though, asking for help should be preceded by trying your best to solve your own problems, or at least followed by showing some interest in your own issues that you’re currently seeking help with. Some people do have these traits of being dependent on other people to do their work, and I really do despise them. However, I was mainly spotting some light on people who are witnessing other people being tortured/killed/abused, without a slight interest in what’s going on. Hence the talk about sympathy vs apathy. But anyhow, I’m sorry again for the confusion :)

    • Ah I got ya. Yes there is a lot of that, on an individual level people don’t want to get involved, perhaps they don’t like or cannot deal with confrontation that may turn to violence.

      Even me, If I saw a fight kicking off would I pile in to save a person? I am sure many of us would love to say yes to that question, but as bad as it sounds I think that A: self preservation is a difficult thing to ignore and B: people in the UK (and I am sure elsewhere) have no hesitation in picking up a weapon, going into help someone if you have no training on how to do so (be it martial arts, or other self defence, or even an authoritive tone) can literally put your own life in danger. There are people that would call that cowardly, and I guess it is in some way, but it is what it is. If your not a brawler/fighter yourself it is difficult to get involved.

      On a country level, i.e, what is happening in Gaza and the Ukraine at the moment for example then that just goes to show how barbaric the human race can be. I cannot see anything being done by that, no one will be brought to trial for war crimes. I cannot see any other country intervening.

      People from all over the world look into and are they shocked? Yeah maybe for a few mintues but I think that people are just becoming immune to violence, it is in the newspapers everyday, it is on the TV everday, and for some people it is in their lives every day, the shock of violence so to speak is diluted now. Be that from films we watch or even music we listen to.

      Taking music for example, take any modern rap record, racist comments (generally about blacks by blacks), the f word, blatant lyrics on drug taking etc, now go back to the 80s for example, Hip Hop (similar genre) you never had all those racial slurs, if a modern day record was released then it would cause massive outrage, but not now as we are simply used to it.

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