Monomaths vs Polymaths: Tribal Warfare Over the Future

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The Monomath:

The average job now is done by someone who is stationary in front of some kind of screen. Someone who has just one overriding interest is tunnel-visioned, a bore, but also a specialist, an expert. Welcome to the monopathic world, a place where only the single-minded can thrive. _Robert Twigger

vs The Polymath

Classically, a polymath was someone who ‘had learnt much’, conquering many different subject areas. As the 15th-century polymath Leon Battista Alberti — an architect, painter, horseman, archer and inventor — wrote: ‘a man can do all things if he will’. During the Renaissance, polymathy became part of the idea of the ‘perfected man’, the manifold master of intellectual, artistic and physical pursuits. _Robert Twigger

It may be true that “Anyone can learn to be a polymath,” but to be the best polymath you can be, you need to start early. As the years…

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