No One Learns For Free

The Egyptians have been passing through countless hardships ever since the army overthrew the MB government. When they did so, I was expecting the conflicts to somehow diminish. I naively thought that overthrowing the MB would prevent an imminent danger of civil war. Instead, when inspecting the events carefully, civil war is the most convenient term that can be used to describe this state we’re living in nowadays.

The division has become extremely severe, from the very inside out. Never before were families torn apart so carelessly. Bloodshed has become the number one priority in solving problems. Hatred and vulgarity is the ongoing theme nowadays, driving us towards more darkness than ever before.

I have no doubt about the MB being guilty of several crimes, already talked about this before. But sadly their crimes are currently being used as an alibi for further bloodshed. In addition, current officials are blatantly repeating the exact same crimes committed before by the MB, each in favor of their own, with no sign of a conscience.

Revolutions are supposed to awaken us from a sleep, and not throw us in a deeper coma. They’re supposed to shed light and not take it away. In our case so far, our road has been full of opportunists, each seeking a bigger piece of the prize. A prize that is covered in blood of martyrs, and sweat and agony of those who are still alive. But non of that is important, as long as you do not care for anyone other than yourself.

The One who united all of us before, three years ago, is capable of doing so once again at the right time. Maybe we need some time to reflect and learn. Maybe we need to be reminded that everything happens for a reason. After all, no one learns a lesson for free.

May Allah be with us all


8 thoughts on “No One Learns For Free

  1. Unfortunately, revolutions can also create a power gap that the wrong people can fill. I hate to be pessimistic and negative, but it’s all about the right person stepping into power, which seems to be a rarity. Even around here when a seat opens for election, you can get a manipulative opportunist in there instead of someone who truly wants to help people.

    • That’s so true! The world is full of opportunists thinking of non other than themselves. The right person stepping into power seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. I’m not sure how politics works in the US, but I think the amount of corruption is somehow less. At least in the US justice is somehow solid and constant for everyone regardless to his/her status or position. Or so I’ve heard.

    • I would say it isn’t less, but it’s different. Many politicians work only for their small batch of supporters or whatever groups are paying them. There’s a major focus on crippling the ‘other side’ instead of coming together on issues and finding middle ground. Compromise is considered weak these days. The sad thing is that many of the right people are either drowned by the opportunists or they have no interest in getting into politics.

  2. It seems that someone will always cream off the top, and find a way to exploit what is going on to feather their own nest. Even if revolutions have a good intent to begin with, they seem to quickly lose direction in the chaos, and as Charles has said the power gap will be taken over by someone, and usually that someone will have bad intentions.

    • Sadly it is true. Someone once described what’s happening through a wonderful analogy. He said when people rebel in the face of a government until it falls, they shouldn’t go home unless all their demands have been met. Otherwise, they’re like a student who aced a test, but forgot to write his name on the answer sheet.

    • Yes, this is true! What is the point in such a struggle if it isn’t seen through until the end. I just hope that the people with bad intentions don’t parachute in and destroy the real reasoning behind such a drastic step. I always think of other countries who have gone through such strife’s and the results are often the bad win and the good lose.

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