Is there justice on Earth? I’ve been striving to find an answer for this question. Many times the answers are contradicting to each other. Sometimes injustice isn’t given much attention, other times it’s taken sincerely. In some places, injustice has become a normal way of living. In some other places, justice is considered sacred, and the law never bends for anyone. Maybe the answer for this question relies on where you are on the planet. Or maybe it’s just a simple no, depending on how you wish to see it.

But why do we even seek justice? As if we all have built-in needs for it. We’ve been told in fairy tales, which are stories written by us, that good always wins. That’s how we used to comprehend justice. Nowadays, we’ve somehow developed a need to see evil win. We started depicting villains as lovable characters, serial killers as heroes, and serious crimes as enormous achievements and goals. I’m afraid this change in our fairy tales is a reflection of how we have changed ourselves and the way we envision justice, and an indicator to where we are heading. No wonder why the world has become a vast dark place, with tiny barely seen light.


20 thoughts on “Justice

  1. I think Justice varies from person to person. Some people see vigilante acts as justice while others see them as illegally taking the law into your own hands. There are debates in America about the death penalty all the time because people disagree on if it is truly justice. As far as the serial killer hero, I think part of that interest is to see if he falls into full evil. I’m thinking of Dexter, which I never really watched.

    • That’s an interesting thought actually. Vigilante acts could often arise as a result of a dereliction in the course of justice. I agree that it’s a very controversial subject, I often feel sorry for judges actually. Judges who are just of course. They always have to put themselves in each side’s shoes, and always carry immense responsibilities. As for Dexter, you really need to check it out as it goes over the point of sympathizing with a serial killer in great detail.

    • I feel sorry for judges when evidence is corrupted or something goes wrong in the case. Then they have to go with not guilty because the evidence to prove otherwise isn’t counted. Then again, that sounds more like a jury thing.

      Dexter is on my list, but time is such a rarity these days.

  2. There’s so much I would like to say in response to this … but so little time. I fear my society is guilty of idolizing the evil doer, looking upon him more as a libertarian individual deserving of respect and understanding than as a lawless psychopath who serves only to harm others and society (now here I’m thinking of Walter White in the “hit” TV series Breaking Bad). Yet, in the grand scheme of things, some say we are not as bad as we used to be. I wish I had that perspective.

    • As I went through the Walter White part in your comment, I was like: How dare you talk about Mr. White like that! Just an example of how hooked up I am with this ideology :) But though I agree with you 100%. How are we not bad as we used to be, is something I too wish to understand more in detail.

    • Ha ha … I was a little hesitant to mention Walter White because I know I’m kind of in the minority in my perception of the character :) And I often have to remind myself that he is, indeed, just a character. The writers of Breaking Bad have simply done an excellent job of generating a kind of loyalty to the character. I admit I have my own fascination with the series and the character of Walter White. Have you ever seen the actor Bryan Cranston in a previous TV series called Malcolm in the Middle? He is a wonderfully comedic actor as well which makes his portrayal of Walter White both chilling and awesome :)

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  4. “We’ve been told in fairy tales, which are stories written by us, that good always wins”

    Fairy tales are not always all about good winning over bad – many times they are but not always – you might want to check out my Brothers Grinn posts.

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