You only live once. Most of the people I know would argue with me for claiming such notion. Because most people who like to believe so, tend to fall in a path where they do whatever they wanna do, doesn’t matter good or bad, wasteful or useful. While the way I like to see it, is as if you’re in the woods, hunting for food for you and your family, with only one bullet left in your shotgun. And you have complete freedom of choice, whether to use this bullet wisely or carelessly. Similarly, we all have this one shot in life, with complete freedom over our actions. We can either fire this shot at our goal, or we could just fire it aimlessly. The choice is ours.


13 thoughts on “YOLO

  1. You know…even if one believes in reincarnation…which I do, it is still true…we only do live once…in this lifetime..and it’s important to make that choice, like you said…to decide if we want to spend it carelessly or wisely..!

    Ha! Love it when this all depends on how one chooses to see it! :)

    • Yesss, that’s exactly the case here! I too believe in reincarnation, and I wanted to shed some light on this sentiment that people often use as a motive to do everything wrong. While at the same time, it can be seen as a motive to do exactly the opposite!
      Brilliant, love to have someone on the same level :)

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