Life is tough, there’s no denying to that fact. You have a chance of melting down across the events of your life, and no one has the right to throw a blame on you. Because again, life is tough. No matter how different we are from each other, and how different our lives can be, still we all feel some sort of stress at times, resulting from surviving this life. We are in great need of empathy. We somehow depend on this slight tap on the back to keep on walking. No one can survive on his own. We are useless and helpless on our own. We are all equivalent on the inside. We are all in need of the same things. Though we rarely see so. We prefer to be treated perfectly although we’re not. We forget to forgive, and remember not to give.

Today I remind myself of what I am, and how I can survive this jungle.


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  1. No man is an island that’s true. And we are all here together for a reason…so yes we need each other though I also think that it should be balanced with not becoming too dependant on the other…you know?

    • Yesss I know, and totally agree with you on this point. Becoming too dependent on the other makes us somehow spoiled and irresponsible. I didn’t mean for this post to give that meaning, although I agree it might give this meaning! Probably I got drifted in a huge state of empathy and mercy, making it sound like that. But no, definitely not to that extent :)

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