I Will Try

Another year swifts by, as we stand still and gaze up high. What more could be coming for us and why? We are chosen to live while others were chosen to die. It’s just a rule, to which the universe chooses to comply. When is it time to reconcile? With people whom you no longer care if they laugh or cry? Maybe that’s the reason why, we’re left here alive while others in the dirt lie. Maybe we’re supposed to do something for you and I. For when the next year arrives, we breathe a happy sigh. Maybe I’m not ready yet, but I will try. I will try.



Everywhere around us, there exist signs. Sometimes they are clear for us to notice them, and sometimes we need to pay some attention if we wish to do. Some of us have become incredibly skilled, and capable of recognizing the smallest, most unclear messages within these signs. And sadly some of us are blinded, unable to capture the essence behind them. We are being taught various lessons through these signs. Some lessons have a great probability to penetrate through our souls, allowing us to experience a life changing epiphany. Other lessons give us no choice but to surrender our thoughts to them. It all depends on our souls’ readiness to receive criticism, and hence self-improvement.

Stories Under the Pyramids: Lives Threatened by Egypt’s Revolution

Hoping that the situation returns to its normal state soon

Egyptian Streets

By Mohamed Khairat, founder, EgyptianStreets.com

Once one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, Egypt’s Pyramids have been void of tourists since the 2011 revolution. For thousands of Egyptians whose incomes rely on tourism at the Pyramids, the lack of tourism has hit hard.

Near the Pyramids, once vibrant shopping streets now feel cold: tour operators have shut down, souvenir shops are soulless, and cafes once popular with tourists are empty.

At the Giza Necropolis – housing the Great Pyramids of Giza – hundreds of vendors and horse and camel operators are desperately searching for hope that tourists would return. In 2010, 14 million tourists from across the globe visited Egypt. Today, that number has declined by more than 50 percent – with the majority of tourists visiting locales along Egypt’s Red Sea.

Nevertheless, local Egyptians working in the tourism industry at the Pyramids remain hopeful that tourism – their…

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A girl or a woman.

Interesting thoughts that are worth reading, especially for females out there.

As  I am changing my life I truly feel like I am becoming a woman.

What is the difference between a woman and a girl? A cultivated sense of self. As you get older, you become wiser. Very true age old saying.



‘I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.’ Whitney Houston

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being either. I just wanted to express my thoughts about my feelings, and experiences of what I believe is entering womanhood.

You learn not to sweat the small stuff, you learn about true relationships and people. You become aware of who you are. The things you like, the things you dislike. Youve made enough mistakes to learn from (perhaps are still learning). After years of hard work, growing and learning some woman find it objectionable to be labelled or…

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Is there justice on Earth? I’ve been striving to find an answer for this question. Many times the answers are contradicting to each other. Sometimes injustice isn’t given much attention, other times it’s taken sincerely. In some places, injustice has become a normal way of living. In some other places, justice is considered sacred, and the law never bends for anyone. Maybe the answer for this question relies on where you are on the planet. Or maybe it’s just a simple no, depending on how you wish to see it.

But why do we even seek justice? As if we all have built-in needs for it. We’ve been told in fairy tales, which are stories written by us, that good always wins. That’s how we used to comprehend justice. Nowadays, we’ve somehow developed a need to see evil win. We started depicting villains as lovable characters, serial killers as heroes, and serious crimes as enormous achievements and goals. I’m afraid this change in our fairy tales is a reflection of how we have changed ourselves and the way we envision justice, and an indicator to where we are heading. No wonder why the world has become a vast dark place, with tiny barely seen light.

No Need To Worry

There, there. It’s all going to be fine. It’s not a nightmare you’re living, it’s decisions of the divine. You can accept them and learn, you can also just whine. No one will judge you, as you are no longer nine. It’s a series of ups and downs, your life will definitely incline. Feel free to decline, it’s your life down the line. You might choose to escape, maybe stay offline. As if that will change the timeline! Or you may stay online, with the One who’s capable to define, all that is yet to come, and all that had come combined. One day at a time, I’m sure you will see sunshine. As for every cloud up there, there’s always a silver line. There’s no need to worry, it’s all going to be fine.


You only live once. Most of the people I know would argue with me for claiming such notion. Because most people who like to believe so, tend to fall in a path where they do whatever they wanna do, doesn’t matter good or bad, wasteful or useful. While the way I like to see it, is as if you’re in the woods, hunting for food for you and your family, with only one bullet left in your shotgun. And you have complete freedom of choice, whether to use this bullet wisely or carelessly. Similarly, we all have this one shot in life, with complete freedom over our actions. We can either fire this shot at our goal, or we could just fire it aimlessly. The choice is ours.

Wonderful Quote

Read this paragraph and simply fell in love with it, thought I’d share it with you guys!

There are some people who enter your life like gems. These are the real diamonds. They have no ulterior motives, no inferiority complex, no superiority complex, no need to prove that they are better than you, or seek to have more than you. They don’t feel entitled and aren’t needy or dependent. They are not superficial or fake. They remind you of God and they understand you, when no other person does. They don’t wear a mask with you or pretend to be perfect. They are just real with you and honestly and sincerely only want good for you. You feel you can tell them anything without worrying that they will judge you or put you down for being imperfect. They know your flaws, but love you anyway. And they are loyal. You know they’ll be there for you. They’ll always have your back. And best of all, time and distance doesn’t change this. If you’ve met even one person in your entire life like this, you’re blessed.

— Yasmin Mogahed

One simply wants to reach utter success without exerting the least of effort. When I look at any successful person, I only see his success, neglecting the huge amount of effort he did to reach there. And I keep dreaming to reach there. It’s good to dream though, but it’s useless without the effort. One needs to concentrate more on his daily activities, and leave the rest. Success will come at the right time. Thinking about it very often won’t do me any good.

Today I remind myself to do what I have to do, walk the line, and cut the bullshit.

Another weekend shining on the calendar, another few more hours waiting to be enjoyed. Waking up early, as the rest are still asleep. Enjoying the blissful morning breeze, causing us to mentally leap. Learning to value the beauty of the small things around me. The friendly greetings from strangers passing by, the cheerful singing of birds up high. Morning cup of coffee, with a normal cigarette. Or maybe I should quit smoking, maybe try some nicorette. The silent hours at the end of the night, while lying in the dark, out of reach, and out of sight. Peace of mind is something worth fighting for, though you never know how long it will last. If only I could live this metaphor, like a perfect movie, with just me in the cast.