30 Things To Know about Cairo & Egyptians

Some nice advices for anyone wishing to pay us a visit!

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I spent the last year living in Cairo through its chaos and ridiculousness, enjoying its unpredictability and contradictions to the fullest. You either love Cairo or you hate it. If you can’t learn to let go of your expectations and laugh at your disasters the city will only make you cry and pull your hair out.  In order to survive Cairo you just kind of have to accept it for what it is; the chaos is kind of charming, and it grows on some of us. Despite all the hell Cairo gave me, I will always have a place in my heart for it (mostly because of my dear friends that are still there, inshallah they are always safe). That said, it’s not for everyone, but here are some tips everyone should know about Cairo and Egyptians before traveling or living in Egypt.

  1. Egyptians have no sense of…

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7 thoughts on “30 Things To Know about Cairo & Egyptians

    • Thanks to you dear :)
      Alexandria is beautiful. Cairo has become tough to enjoy, but as the article stated, there’s actually plenty of places to have fun other than Cairo & Alex.

    • My pleasure Mohamed! Well every city or country has its good and bad points, so I will refrain from jugding! The article is good at giving information, especially to tourists. I know there have been some horror stories, but I still would like to one day visit!

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