Voice of Truth

I wish I learned from my mistakes.. Maybe then, I could change the past..

I wish I had what it takes.. To show you how it hurts..

I never wanted you to suffer.. So I’m glad you’re not..

I’m just sad you’re a bluffer.. You’ve fooled me allot..

We have to go our separate ways.. And forget about yesterdays..

You don’t need to forget..  You have already forgotten..

It is me who is still living in regret.. To the voice of Truth, I refuse to listen..


11 thoughts on “Voice of Truth

  1. Hey there. Sorry you have had some rough days lately. I changed phones and lost your number so now I have no connection to you other than email and here. Please send me a whatsapp text? I feel a bit helpless. Stupid me wiped out my phone with a guarantee that everything was backed up…not so much. Hope you are feeling better. Miss you.

    • Thank you, dear. I will send you a whatsapp message right away. I know it’s so frustrating to lose all your contacts, we’re lucky we have each other here! I am feeling better, little by little. Thank you my dear Ionuh.

  2. “I’m just sad you’re a bluffer” … that one phrase speaks volumes. I’m glad you’re feeling better but also glad you posted this. I have felt this way many times as well.

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