Voice of Truth

I wish I learned from my mistakes.. Maybe then, I could change the past..

I wish I had what it takes.. To show you how it hurts..

I never wanted you to suffer.. So I’m glad you’re not..

I’m just sad you’re a bluffer.. You’ve fooled me allot..

We have to go our separate ways.. And forget about yesterdays..

You don’t need to forget..  You have already forgotten..

It is me who is still living in regret.. To the voice of Truth, I refuse to listen..


To God We Belong

To God we belong, and to Him we shall return; A sentence we, Muslims, say in the face of any catastrophe, reminding ourselves of our origin and eventually our destiny. Our eyes flood with tears, our hearts burn with sorrow, but we never speak of anything other than what pleases God; Another sentence we repeat after our Holy Prophet in the face of similar circumstances.

Death is the most denied fact of all time. We refuse to believe that it is true. We live our lives from the East to the West, distracted by this world’s goods, and we seldom think of what may happen to us the moment we leave our bodies and head towards our Creator. We prefer to think otherwise, although we are similar to passengers travelling on a train, with each passenger leaving it when reaching his destination station.

My Grandfather passed away last Monday morning, so we booked a ticket back to Egypt as soon as possible to share our grief with the rest of our family members and loved ones. Unfortunately, me and my mom didn’t have the privilege of attending his burial due to the lack of time and flights available. But we did attend the funeral, and we were told that the burial went so smoothly, with everything facilitated and blessed.

To me he wasn’t only my Grandfather. He was my Father, who raised my cousins and I all together, among whom were orphans. He was a friend, with whom we all enjoyed sitting and joking with everyday. His hands has never hurt anyone, his mouth has never spoken badly about anyone, and his heart has never carried an atom of hate towards anyone. He was surely a rare combination of character, that hardly exists in this world.

His wide smile is what resonates in everyone’s memory of him, as he rarely took it off his face. He was deeply loved by everyone, a love that was reflected in the massive amounts of people attending his burial and praying for him.

Grandpa.. The magnitude of the love you gave us cannot be put into words. You gave us hope and faith in humanity involuntarily through your unique character. You taught us how to enjoy life peacefully, without any form of agitation. You showed us how a real man should treat his wife, through your devotion to our Grandmother, during her life and afterwards. You brought joy to everywhere you went, and took it with you the moment you left. Life can never be the same without you in it.

I pray God to have mercy on you, and to reunite all of us once again in Heaven, Amen.

May Allah be with us all