Life Goes On

Life goes on, shoving away anyone standing in its way, refusing to go on with it. Everyday we are forced to start over, regardless to how we feel. There is no pause button. There is no time to cry. Like a stampede, you either get to run with it, or you get stepped on.

I wanted to update you guys with my news and stuff, and was waiting for any good news to show up. But it turns out I will have to wait forever before something like that happens.

Since my last ‘Back on Track’ post, my grandfather’s condition deteriorated, he had to enter the ICU, and we had to travel back to Egypt to be near him. So my mom and I took a quick vacation and went back to check on him. We stayed there for about 12 days. The ICU visiting hours were 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Although he was always asleep and not aware of us around him, we went there on a daily basis, reading some prayers beside him, and hoped that the doctors would tell us good news.

The only good news that we received during this quick vacation, was that he was on the ventilator machine, and that now he’s finally breathing on his own without it.

So it was really tough, we’re all greatly depressed by what has happened to him. I know you guys here are wonderful people, and I’m sure that if I asked you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers you all would, and I’m totally sure that it would make a big difference, if God wills.

Moving on to my career plan, the last that you’ve heard from me was that I worked in this hospital, where they move lifeless bodies covered in white sheets, and keep critical machines, that patients rely on, not working. Well, thankfully, something else showed up lately.

A Communications Engineer here in Saudi Arabia got my CV, interviewed me on Skype, and is currently interested in meeting me face to face to arrange how we could start working with each other. So thankfully, right now, I am left with two options: Either I keep on working with those amateurs at the hospital, and continue losing my faith in humanity bit by bit. Or I could give it a try with this Communications Engineer, and see what I can do there.

In case you don’t already know, I took my bachelor degree in Communications Engineering. So working with this guy in this field would be very useful to my career, I think.

Anyway, I do hope that the best is yet to come. I’m terribly sorry if I’m not following up much with all of you, I do owe you an apology.

On a side note, I would love to know why I don’t see RCC posts anymore. I sure hope everyone is motivated enough, one way or another, to keep on living his/her dream.

Thank you for reading, I love you all <3



15 thoughts on “Life Goes On

    • Thank you Brad! :) It’s good to know you’re doing great. I love the Communication job too, I hope it works out well.
      Looking forward to enduring and enlarging the RCC community.

  1. This may have already been answered, but the RCC has been on holiday since it had a meltdown and it is now back as of today. I am always keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all is at peace with you, my friend, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Good luck with the new opportunities.

    • Thanks allot, Ionia, for everything. It’s good to know you’re okay. I appreciate your support greatly, my friend, and I look forward to the same thing.

  2. Wow. Sounds like a wonderful job opportunity. However only you know what is best for Mohamed. So, I wish you well and your family. And prays to your dad – and you. xx Kimberly

  3. Mohamed, it is so wonderful to see you here again! I guess, with your grandfather, we will take whatever good news is provided, even if it is not as good as we want. And I do hope the new job comes through for you. It sounds like you need a change, for many reasons. Stay well, stay strong. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Peace to you, dear friend.

    • Thank you so much, you’re so sweet :) It feels good to be back among all of you. I promise you to do my best to stay strong. Thank you for the lovely thoughts and prayers, peace to you back! :)

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