God’s Novels

Imagine yourself reading a novel. You’re taken by how skillfully it is written, amazed by the resemblance of its events with your life. You think what an amazing writer! The guy has the ability to create a whole new world, able to touch us greatly, with just a few words. The more you advance in it, the more lessons you learn, and the more you can’t put it down.

Well guess what? We are living in one!

Believe it or not, we are all characters, living in a series of novels, that were written by the writer, who created all the writers, long time ago.

Have you ever tried reading the novel of the mountains? The vast sea and its living creatures? The clouds? Waterfalls?

Some people may argue, claiming that in our lives, we are the ones taking decisions, and therefore writing them.

Well, have you ever heard of a co-author?

God has made us co-authors on Earth. We have the ability to develop, and to destroy. Sadly, most of the time, we are driven towards the latter.

So next time you get to read one of God’s novels, pay attention, read between the lines, get the whole truth. It’s not some fictional novel that you’re about to indulge into, and it’s not a based on a true story kinda novel either. It’s an actual, ongoing novel, that you are part of. How cool is that?


16 thoughts on “God’s Novels

  1. Reading it like that was pretty cool..
    When you think about it we could (metaphor or not) be the working of someone’s writing..
    Probably not, but as you say, we could be someone’s story, I know you are your own and I am mine,,,
    Very cool writing buddy

    Great blog mate..

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