Aging is very sad, isn’t it? How many times have we looked in the mirror and realized we’ve grown old? Seeing pictures of our parents and grandparents, and comparing them with how we see them today, gives us a hint on what is coming for us. It’s more like an imminent stage in life, that can only be replaced by something more formidable; Death.

Yet as much as I hate growing old, I do love the company of the old. As we grow older, our skin wrinkles, and our body weakens, but though one thing I believe grows stronger in the process; Our souls. Old people tend to have a huge heart, always forgiving, and always an icon that we can learn allot from.

I think God’s wisdom behind letting us grow old or seeing our family members do, is for us to acknowledge that nothing ever lasts, except Him. For millions of years, life has been going on, and still is. People come and people go, that’s the so called circle of life. Sometimes we need to be reminded with our mortality, to know that this life is a transit one, and therefore, not to be attached to us.


Back on Track

I know I haven’t been active allot lately. Things have been really sick literally and emotionally. I’m currently trying to have the grasp I had on my life before, while being active with my goals. I think I need to rewrite my goals, lots of changes have been happening, maybe If I stick with one goal at a time, or maybe working on some on a weekly basis would be okay.

Tomorrow I will go back to work, start over, and see what karma has for me in the next days.

Thank you for reading, you are all awesome, and I miss all of you :)

Living a ‘Fitnah’

I always thought about the Arabic word ‘Fitnah‘ and what God meant by it in different divine contexts. Most of the time my thoughts would be driven towards the Antichrist Fitnah, and how it would be so severe that people would easily fall for it. As a matter of fact, whenever this specific Fitnah is mentioned, we do not ask God to guide us to the right path, but instead, we pray that we wouldn’t be those people witnessing it.

I did not understand why or how could justice be so fragile in the hands of man. Or how difficult it would be to follow the right path, or even identify it. Nowadays, we are given a minor example of how burdening it is to be living in the middle of an ongoing Fitnah, where no one knows for sure which path is the righteous one, or on whose side lies justice.

What’s saddening is that it is not merely as we suppose. Our leaders know almost every detail about what’s going on, and how deadly things can be, yet the least of their attention is not drawn. Hundreds of human lives are claimed in the process, and are dealt with as a game of chess.

What kind of wicked spell takes over those in power?