To Live is to Suffer?

Since my arrival in Egypt, for the past two weeks, the environment inside our home has been pretty agitated. My grandfather’s condition and our constant supervision for him, plus my aunt’s condition and her wavering platelets count, all has put us all in an endless vortex of thoughts, prayers, and hopes.

Seeing the pain that my family is currently going through, makes me think of suffering as the normal way of living. My thoughts has been involuntarily directed towards a pattern of pessimism, or so Ionia tells me.

But then I was wandering in my facebook news feed the other day, when I stumbled upon an old black and white photo of two soldiers standing in front of a furnace that contains people inside. I immediately thought to myself: “If you think you and your family are suffering, think again!”

Think of the Jews and what happened to them during the holocaust. Think of the Palestinians who are living in constant struggles since 1948. Think of all the victims of all different kinds of hateful crimes around the world. How are they suppose to feel? live? nurture? love?

Or is it naturally normal to suffer in order to grow stronger, feel more deeply, and think more wisely with an open minded mentality?

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “To Live is to Suffer?

  1. I think we all suffer something – it may not be at holocaust proportions – but something plagues each of us at some time or another. But it is how we approach those circumstances. Try and find the good in every day my friend. I hope your family is able to settle into a pattern and that things improve for your aunt and your grandfather. Choose to make today a positive day.

  2. I think suffering is a normal part of life. It gives us two choices for growth. One is to dwell on it and let it consume us, which is reverse growth. The other other is to learn and push for brighter days. A friend of mine is always saying that we cannot know joy without pain, but we should not dwell on the pain. That will make it linger and grow stronger. I guess I’m saying ‘yes’ to your question.

    Prayers and positive energy to you and your family.

  3. I don’t think we can have life without suffering. At the very least, we may always suffer from the loss of loved ones through natural death. The Holocaust, genocide is that suffering times one thousand, times one million, times six million. In my life I have been grateful when loved ones passed away in their sleep, seemingly at peace and without pain. But that kind of death is too rare. Too often we are witness to acute and chronic pain and we are helpless in the face of it. And it may be cold comfort to say ‘at least we are not suffering like so many others.’ It’s cold comfort when it is your family suffering and you feel you can do nothing more than pray. You would probably be more optimistic if it were only you who was suffering, but it’s your family, people you love deeply. It’s how any of us would feel. And all we can do is pray for you and your family.

  4. I think so – as both Pamela and Charles have put so well, suffering offers a choice in the direction of your thought. We can work through it and learn and grow, or we can allow it to consume us, and stagnate. I hope your vortex is allowed to shift with positive news and hope!

  5. I am praying for you and yours. I don’t believe there is ever any real growth without some sort of suffering. I had a bizarre and traumatic childhood in many ways, and yet I would not trade it for anybody’s because I grew and learned in ways that are unique to my experiences and some of them were painful. Those were often the most valuable…even unto the point of being cherished.

  6. Indeed. I believe that there is suffering to be had in this world for those who have done nothing to deserve it. Just as there are rewards for evil idiots who should not get them. I think you have a struggle of some type every day, but you cannot keep your thoughts directed at it or you will attract even more negativity to surround you. Some are fortunate, some are less, but can it be measured in relative terms when one always wants something or experiences something different than another and much of it is about perception. How is the survivor anymore lucky than the one who did not make it? Listen to the Ionia. Io. Ionuh. She cares for you. You are not a pessimist by nature. I know this my dear friend. Sending love and warmth as always.

  7. Well I had some thoughts on this but everyone kind of beat me here. The only thing I will add is suffering is a part of life, it sucks but we don’t have to let it keep us down.

  8. I think unfortunately that we as humans are hard headed and tend to only really learn lessons the hard way. So, suffering seems to be the way that we choose to go stronger. I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to learn a lesson the easy way. When I do that I will then be able to say that I’ve finally grown up! lol

    I have to admit that my struggles have made me stronger. When I’ve had to strive and struggle I’ve appreciate the results on a much deeper level. Stay strong, my friend!

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