My Grandfather

I am back home in Egypt to spend a two months vacation with my lovely family. I became deeply saddened by what I saw the moment I arrived home. Remember how life is so fragile? Well, I am reminded by that every single moment of everyday.

Four months ago, back in Saudi Arabia, my grandfather was visiting us, me and my mom, with my cousin DouDou, and I remember we had such a beautiful time together. Everyone was so happy, the weather was perfect, we even went to Mecca, prayed in Almasjid Alharam mosque, performed Umrah, and despite the fact that we missed our flight back from Mecca, it was so much fun to be together.

But my grandfather sadly fell on his head the moment he arrived home in Egypt, had a minor concussion, and his frontal lobe got affected by this incident. It was shocking to hear the news of someone who was just with you a few hours ago perfectly fine, saying that he has lost some memories, having behavioral changes, and is no longer able to communicate like before.

I was skeptical the whole time I was in Saudi Arabia, thinking that everyone was kind of exaggerating the situation. But when I arrived here, and laid my eyes on him for the first time since the accident, I acknowledged that it was true. I kept having flashbacks of his sense of humor, his smile that never left his face, his humble personality, and how he has never hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

I pray God to ease his pain that we cannot feel, bless him for what he was and still is, and bless us through him. Although he’s not fully with us nowadays, but we owe him the benefit of combining all of us together, around him every single day.


This is a picture of he and I, while I was still a UFO creature.

UsThis is a picture of the three of us, myself – my mother – DouDou – him, in Saudi Arabia, a couple days before the accident.

Thank you for reading, may God be with us all..



16 thoughts on “My Grandfather

  1. Sorry about your grandfather. Hold onto those precious memories because they’re strong enough to help you get through this. If you can, take the time to tell him about those memories. Even if you don’t think he understands, part of him might. I know this from unfortunate (and current) experience. Prayers and positive energy to you and your family.

    • Thank you, my friend. It’s very helpful and blissful to talk to him although he might not remember, but we all here take the time to try and remind him of the lovely memories. I have the same feeling that you have, that he understands what we say, but finds trouble in expressing his feelings. I hope you find peace in your current experience, and many thanks for the prayers and positive energy, I need them greatly. <3

  2. Aw I am sorry :/ 2 of my grandfathers have had bad falls in the past few years, it turned out they had both had mild strokes which caused the falls in the first place. One of them deteriorated quickly and sadly passed, the other made it back to full health so the brain, health is so unpredictable and again I am sorry that this is the case for you and your family. One thing I regret is not taking the time to just talk to my grandfather before he died, the sight of him scared me, it was like looking at a stranger and I was worried about showing my emotions in front of him…I didnt want him to feel embarrassed etc…but do it…be there, talk to him, tell him stories about the past and tell him that you love him. Hes the same man inside, perhaps he cant express it but Im sure he would appreciate you treating him the way he is used to. (I’m sorry if any of that sounds harsh -its not meant to be- Im never good at saying the right thing :/)
    I suppose one silver lining is that you did have one amazing vacation with him in full health, keep those memories safe. My thoughts are with you xB

    • No it sounds perfectly fine, Beth, you’re doing really great actually :) I know sometimes it’s hard when people grow up and change, sometimes having changes in their personalities just like my grandpa’s case. I have faith that he’s there somewhere, he comes and goes actually, which is relatively good I think. We’re all gathered around him, making sure he gets all what he needs, showing him love and support, and I too have a feeling that he’s the same man inside but lacking the expression. Every time he shows signs that he remembers we all feel really happy, and if he doesn’t we understand that it’s hard.
      I loved your comment, thank you Beth, for everything. <3

  3. I was never lucky enough to know either of my grandfathers before they died but I know even watching my father battle to come back after his (minor) stroke has been hard. Luckily he wasn’t too terribly affected, and he has done amazingly – to the point that he’s wobbly but all there and “present” in his conversations. Cherish the moments your grandfather is with you. Prayers for you and your family, Mohamed.

    • I’m sorry you had no chance to get to know them. I’m spending as much time with him as possible nowadays, and I’m loving it more every passing day. Thank you, Katie. You are always in my thoughts :)

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather’s accident. I agree with many others: talk to him, be with him. It’s so sad his memory has been affected. Hopefully he can take comfort in your reminiscences. Peace be with you and your family.

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