More Details = More Misery

The more details we ask for, the more misery we live in. I’m guessing the more knowledgeable people become, the more they moan in their lives. It’s very peculiar how human beings always feel the urge of knowing more, albeit all they’re having in return is less comfort and peace of mind. Think about that for a second…


33 thoughts on “More Details = More Misery

  1. I think humans were designed to be curious, which is how we’ve survived for so long. Our curiosity leads us to finding ways to get around problems and challenges of the world. Unfortunately, knowledge is a double-edged sword that has no sense of morals. It is neither right nor wrong, good or bad. It’s how we understand and use it. That what you were going for or did I ramble into another topic?

  2. I could totally relate the above post with my story-writing. The more I know about my own writing, the more I am worried that it’s totally useless! :D
    That MORE is a bad disease, mind you!

  3. I think you’re right. Particularly if we don’t filter out the details we want – or apply our hearts and minds to the details we find. I love information, I love learning and I gather it like a small animal getting ready for winter, but I don’t watch the news or read the paper in its entirety because it is more than depressing. I tend to choose my information very carefully now – I surround myself, not with falsehood or too-rosy a picture that defies reality, but with truth, people and details that inspire.

    Although, I do as Saunved and sometimes, the more I learn, the more I worry. That’s when deep breaths and fluffy bunnies need to happen and make me happy again!!

    • Yes I totally agree with you about the news, always depressing! It’s very healthy I think to choose our info carefully, it would definitely decrease the over-thinking and save us lots of time and effort. I am too guilty of worrying, that’s what initially triggered the idea of this post I guess. I love the simplicity of what makes you happy once again :)

  4. I think and get a headache:) but think anyway – i write a post about this a few weeks ago – i under think when i should over think and over think what i should under think – GEEZ – I’m doing it now – THINKING!!!!!

  5. I think I’m going to need way more than a “second” to think about that :-) I love how you always make me take time out to ponder! Thank you for that, Mohamed!

    • Yeah, I guess it’s really strange this proportionality between knowledge and stress. Ignorance is sometimes an escape from stress. We sometimes wish we never knew some things, I agree, our lives would have been so much simpler :)

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