Musing, my Aunt

I cannot declare in confidence that my life is gonna stay as steady as it is right now. I know for sure that there will be hard times. In other words, there is suffering scheduled to appear in my way, and I have to be ready for it. I don’t wanna fall in the exact same pits that I’ve fallen into before. I wish for a new life, a new beginning, where one can authentically sense his surroundings, speak with confidence, and sleep with no regret. I’ve been there before, I’m there now, so I know how good it is and how ugly it is on the other side.

I’m sorry I haven’t been following up with you guys lately. My aunt is having a Splenectomy today, she’s been suffering from a low platelets count for a while, tried several methods but non of them worked, and now the doctors have no choice but to go for the operation. It’s a small operation actually, we just hope it succeeds in raising the platelets count, hopefully. Could you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers? Thank you <3

May Allah be with us all..



25 thoughts on “Musing, my Aunt

  1. As always, you and your family occupy my thoughts. Sending her good wishes and strength, and for you personally–faith that things will stay as calm and peaceful as a summer afternoon.

  2. Prayers for you Aunt and your family coming your way!!! Please keep us updated on how everything is going with her :)

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