Our First Post!

Check out this blog! Any writers wishing to contribute are more than welcome! :)

The Community Storyboard

Sunset & Sky 165

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Community Story Board! This is our first post ever:) It is my honest hope that we can make this a fun place for everyone to share their ideas and individual literary expression. The following is a group poem written by (in order of contribution)  petitemagique  Ionia Martin
Mohamed Ossama
Charles Yallowitz


Broken, yet again.
Smashed into pieces, devastated
Left alone in the dark, beyond repair
Painfully lost, feelings annihilated

Giving up, no more
Lost the fight, strength has crumbled
Maybe for good this time
Ripped apart, courage scrambled

Twisting, coiling, burning
turning me outside in
a silent viper of regret
confirming all my sins

Darkness creeping, crawling
until my soul is lost
forever falling weightless
no matter the cost

Thinking musing deeply,
wondering if I’m really dead.
Oblivious to the fact
that I’m just lying awake in bed.

Heart is pumping blood,

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