A Strange World

It’s a strange world out there. Everyone struggling to survive. The strong lacks mercy, and the weak lacks patience. What differences do we have from animals? Animals obey the food chain, humans obey the wealth chain.

If you know poor people who are living a daily hustle to survive, you would get the whole truth behind life. Wealthy people get distracted from that truth.

What truth?

That nothing could ever be taken for granted. Today you’re feeling good, later on you’re not. Right now the weather might be cool, later on it’ll be hot. That nothing ever lasts, whether its happy or sad. That no matter how much life seems to be in control, we sometimes need to remember how fragile it is, and how delicate we are.


17 thoughts on “A Strange World

  1. Exactly, which is why we really shouldn’t “sweat the small stuff” love as we want to be loved and live the very best we can because as it has proven this week in Texas and Oklahoma, you just don’t know when your time is up. Tell your husband and kids and family and friends you love them as often as possible. Those are the things that truly matter. Help others find peace and love in this world, that is our purpose.

    • Yes, that is so true! I honestly didn’t see what happened in Texas and Oklahoma till a few minutes ago, and its terrifying :( But I guess this post is somehow relevant, that its a very fragile world out there, and we shouldn’t waste any time on hate. Thank you Wyndy!

  2. So very true! We are always in a state of flux. Celebrate each moment to the fullest (in the healthiest of ways, of course!)! You always make me hit “pause” on my life when I stop by to hang out with you…thank you for that!

  3. In some ways I am my own worse enemy with stuff like this. yeah I agree with you, sometimes you don’t miss what you have until it is gone. I know that is one of my faults that I take things for granted.

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