On Cutting Ourselves a Break:

I’m in blog love! :) Always a pleasurable, thought provoking post, that leaves you wondering, and I love that!

The Renegade Rulebook


Recently I took a trip home to New Hampshire. Usually, trips home are filled with a mix of excitement and nostalgia. This time, I knew the trip would have a different meaning. I left New York for four days with hopes of gaining a little clarity on what exactly it means for me to be a twenty-five-year-old living in New York City in 2013. That sentence alone is a lot to digest.

Any part of that sentence is a lot to take in, actually.

New York City.

Holy cannoli.

When I begin to take other things into consideration, like relationships, friendships, big career moves, late nights, early mornings, paychecks, student loans, cable bills, electricity, physical health, mental health, and the fact that some days I forget to brush my hair and then I wonder if people will notice that I didn’t brush my hair or maybe they’ll think…

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