What is going on?

Why can’t we live our lives without stepping on top of each other? Why is there some on top, some in the middle and some at the bottom? I know that’s how God created it. I also know that God didn’t create hate and envy in our chests. It is we who developed such illnesses, and then dare to throw the blame on God!

Why does a boss at work treat whoever working under him like he owns their soul? Why do people walking in the streets tend look at homeless people as if they are insects? How does a piece of paper has the ability to control the most intelligent creation that God has created? How could animals live in more harmony than we do?

What exactly is going on with us?!


26 thoughts on “What is going on?

  1. Oh Mohamed, I say basically this same thing at least once a week. I think all humans need to respect all other humans. We don’t have to be pals. We don’t have to agree. But we do have to show respect and treat each other with dignity.

    • I agree with you Pamela. There’s an Arabic proverb that says:”Our differences in opinion has nothing to do with our friendship”. Most certainly we should respect one another. Thank you!

  2. In my opinion, we are all victims of our own design. We don’t take time to think or feel anymore. We don’t accept the differences of others. We are numb to the world and always use society as an excuse. It is time for us to grow up and own our lives and stop hiding behind a political mask. Great post.

  3. God gave us the ability to be good and evil, selfish and selfless, and all other combinations. So, there will always be people who go for the darker side of the equation. The problem is that it’s the side that gets the most immediate results, which is why you find people in power with that mentality. Somewhere along the way, people were made to believe that feeling was a sign of weakness and being numb is something to aspire to. It made a harsh world infinitely harsher, but there are still those that do the opposite. Look around the world and you’ll find people helping others every day. You just have to look harder for it.

    • Absolutely Charles. Our freewill is being abused, sometimes making us wish we were non-human. Though I agree with you, good people do exist, they have also become a rare commodity. As you said, we have to look harder to find them. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome. I’m not sure if good people are a rare commodity or they don’t get the attention that the bad/selfish people do. The media seems obsessed with bad news these days.

  4. I agree entirely and have no wise answers to the question – the vexation of humanity! I suspect we are taught to be competitive from a very young age, and also to accept outside judgement as more objective (what our parents/teachers think then turns to what our bosses think etc) and so we rarely question when perhaps we should. I also think insecurity brings that sort of behaviour out, and a lack of self awareness. But if we could get past that we could all live much more happily… :)

    • I agree with you Helen. It’s a long journey starting with how we were nurtured, that is partially responsible for where we are today. Insecurity and psychological issues definitely play an important role too. I hope we can pass through this problem for good. Thank you!

    • Absolutely Bex, You said it briefly and accurately. We tend to abuse this gift that we have, our freedom of choice. I think this issue is a main root of this problem. Thank you!

    • Yes we do, that is true. Free will – what a conundrum, but the essence of life!!!! Bless it and curse it all at the same time. Thank you for writing about it, something I think we all need to consider and remember.

  5. The problem with humans is we looking for “تغلب” everyone wants to be the master of their domain, My Rules or heads will fly. Animals only live to eat, mate, and survive on the wealth that God has given them. They understand this world more then we do they inhabited it before us and they took care of it better than we ever did..

    • Yes Soad, that’s so true! Animals do understand this world that we live in more than we do. What a shame. Our hearts sometimes become harder than stone, full of cruelty and obliviousness. We actually do enjoy being successors of our Earth, yet we fail to take care of it. Even on a small scale, in work for example, bosses enjoy being bosses to feel their pride, though they are the least to actually do any work. Thank you!

    • I read in a book once that to be humble it takes only 4 words
      اللهم لا تسود قلبي I’ve been using that for 5 years now, with meditation and now I don’t get mad anymore it takes only really hateful words to get me mad now and the world is a lot lighter then it used to be. :)

  6. Ugh…you hit the nail right on the head with this post Mohamed! We have become islands unto ourselves even in the midst of a crowd. Our society a serious case of the “me, me, me” virus! One of my friend’s mom had a saying, “give me, buy me, get me.” That is basically what people do these days. I work with those so called “drudges” of society every day and they are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. I have to say that I’d pick a drudge and day of the week! Thanks for this wonderful post :-)

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment! I loved the saying of your friend’s mom. I enjoy working with many people working their asses off everyday, and they turn out to be the most respectful. Seems like the more administrative power you are given over other people, the more you are tempted to treat people disrespectfully. Although, to not fall in a hasty generalization, some people treat others with respect regardless to what their positions are.

    • I do think you had a valid point though, Mohamed. Instead of living by the motto “with power comes responsibility” we’ve eschewed to mean that now I can control everyone beneath me! I’m blessed to have a boss who doesn’t try to control me!!

  7. I think sometimes those negative feelings are the only way some people can find to feel as though they are in control of the world around them. And the more that slips out of their control, the worse they feel. I get a similar tension and negative constant dialogue when I drive (because I’m a bit of a speed-demon) and I have a mantra that I use to let the tension go and just relax and be happy.

    • I think so too, yeah. Some people rely fully on those feelings to feed their hunger for control. It’s really sick. I’m a bit of a speedster too myself, which has cost me several accidents. Take care, and may God protects you always :)

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