Trying to forget the past using future discovery. But pain follows me fast, because I’m trapped in mental slavery.

People think I’m an idiot, let them think to please their appetite. I pay no attention to their words, it only pisses me off during the night.

What could be done to clear all this mess?

Should I be rude or nice? Or maybe I should toggle once or twice?

Should I teach them how to speak? Then I end up being a freak?

I know one day their souls will crumble like a myth. Because simply, they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

They can run but they can’t hide, and I may slip but I won’t slide.

I’ll travel the world side by side, they’ll burn in hell far behind.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, lets act as who we are, and do what we must.

I’ll get ready to catch the bus, you keep wandering in your fuss.

The bus will lead me to the sky, where doorways are found up high.

On the day of equality, where the guilty is guilty.

So I don’t have to worry, I guess. Maybe I just need to confess.

Maybe I just need to repent, on each penny I have spent.

On each second I have wasted, or every sin I have tasted.

So I’ll just close my eyes, gaze at the skies, and hope that I don’t end up a hater like you guys.


10 thoughts on “Haters

  1. Powerful poem. I hope it helped you get some negativity out. There’s the phrase ‘haters gonna hate’, which is so true. Hate seems to be the only thing some people know and they’ll be the ones to lose out on life because of it.

    • Yes sir, it surely helped allot in getting rid of the negativity. And gave me a small example of how my thoughts are sometimes contradicting, but yet importantly end up on the right track :D
      I don’t know how to feel towards a hater, should I hate him? Because then I would be a hater as well! Its best to pray for them I guess..

    • Hating a hater is a bad cycle. I think there are 3 options:

      1. Understand that people will have such an opinion and move on. Try to counter that hate with positive energy in other areas.

      2. Ignore the person and remain a positive influence on the world around you.

      3. Silently pity the hater for being stuck in negativity.

  2. Hope it helped to , express the negativity in words. I hope that ‘removed some of the load’. Beautifully written, sending a truck load of POSITIVE energy and soothing , healing thoughts to calm your ‘busy’ mind. Thanks for sharing….lol

    • Definitely helped allot yeah lol :) Thank you so much, I received all your positive energy and thoughts, it will keep my mind free for a while.. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I once had the word H8R carved into my door… this had more to do with me keeping to myself (I was living above a bar) sometimes people interpret things in ways that they are not meant. My keeping to myself had to do with my environment and had nothing to do with the people, but on the bright side the Hater carving kept a lot of unsavory people from knocking and disturbing my sleep the way they did with the other apartments above the bar… I’m actually pretty far from being a Hater but if that distinguishment means peace at night I will take it…

    • Very interesting.. It has definitely kept you safe, or provided you with some peace of mind! I’m glad you’re not really a hater, that’s the good part. You are what you are, let people and their assumptions/judgements kill them :D Thank you sir :) Looking forward to get to know you more!

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