Rome Crew Weekly Update #2

Hello hello fellow members of the crew! How’s it going with all of you? Always know that you are all very inspiring to me personally. Seeing people striving to do their best, bit by bit, getting closer to their goals, always has an adrenaline effect that pushes me towards my own goals. So, just wanted to let you know that you all rock, rule, and play a significant role in the society. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing :)

Okay, time for some updates from our magnificent crew members:

John got nominated for the Best Moment Award, and shared with us an amazing acceptance speech, you gotta check it out here! – He also shared Elmore Leonard’s ten rules of writing, out of which I found some very interesting and useful. Make sure you check it out too here!

Every Wednesday, Kira hosts an amazing prompt on her blog that inspires all of us to be creative. I’m sure you’ll love it, here is this week’s prompt!

Pam was having some self-talk about her goals, and I personally thought she was being a little too hard on herself. Go visit her post here and tell her what you think!

Tracey did some minor inventory about what she think she lacks in writing. She actually got us all working on our writing skills too! For all the writers out there, you have some studying to do. No it’s not that boring if you already love writing :) Et voilĂ !

Am I the only one who gets inspired by how neat this guy’s thoughts are? I always get that feeling of “everything is in it’s right place” when I take a glimpse at the inside of his head! Check out Charles Yallowitz’s post here!

And of course, it’s always inspiring to read Brad’s daily RCC posts, and how he, most of the time, manages to conquer the negative voices inside his head, and be able to do such an impressive work, day by day. Don’t stop Brad, we’re almost there! Check his yesterday’s post here!

Okay folks! Don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates. Visit this link to know more about the Rome Construction Crew and what this is all about!

Keep on going, follow your bliss!



10 thoughts on “Rome Crew Weekly Update #2

  1. Hey there, I’m following the CREW, I haven’t been able to link the site. I’m learning ….also just moved house…hence relying on my iPad . My news is I’m working hard to use the, ‘ healthy coping skills’, my thoughts have been a struggle of late, however I’ve just moved out. This is my first morning in my own home, I’m feeling amazing, and totally grateful. When I get the net connected I will work out how to put the crew ‘picture’ on my blog . I hope all the crew are doing well, sending support to all the crew. You are an amazing group, thankful to be a part of people’s journey
    Love Ziggy

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