Response: Why Most Twenty Somethings are Delusional

I hate to believe I am delusional, but nevertheless this post spoke to me. I had a weird feeling when I read that probably our grandchildren will get to see our documented nonsense, because it’s true. I may be trying to make sense with what I share, but there’s lots of meaningless shares going on out there, and mine sometimes are too!
The internet or the new technologies definitely have some pros as well as cons. It is true that we tend to sit in front of the screen allot instead of socializing in real life, but why not think of it as today’s real life? Like today’s way of socializing, interacting with people across the world, with whom we share the same interests.
Bottom line, I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing! :)


One thought on “Response: Why Most Twenty Somethings are Delusional

  1. Thanks for this post! I like the online community because I get to communicate with people all over the globe. Plus, for me as I’m struggling with addictions it is safer to interact this way. I enjoy a good night out with my “real” life friends as well. I think it’s about finding balance in life :-)

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