Momentary Fiction

It feels healthy to disconnect yourself from the real world for a while, especially when every time you take a look, you see a never ending vicious cycle of arguments, altercations, lies, insults, fighting, kidnapping, mocking, raping, etc. We sometimes need to live inside a fictional bubble, that isolates us from all the illnesses and pain that exist outside, either by reading a book, watching our favorite movies and shows, listening to music, or whatever that might help. I personally cannot withstand living in the real world continuously for so long… Can you?


20 thoughts on “Momentary Fiction

  1. Absolutely this is so very true. I always get a kick out of how everyone says “I don’t understand how you read so much.” Seriously? I would rather live between the covers of a book where there is a healthy chance that the hero will prevail. I think many people who make the world an unpleasant place for the rest of us should find a hobby that might make them a bit less angry and unreasonable.

    • Absolutely, unfortunately in this real world that we live in, good is subjected to extinct, hate is more likely to be spread than love, which makes us yearn for opening a book, escape as often as we could. You’re right, it is possible that those people find no pleasure but in leaving their evil prints everywhere they could. I hope they could disappear and let us live in peace.

    • Do you know how often I desperately wish we could go get a cup of something warm and talk long into the evening. Your views always amaze and please me. I wish there were more out there like you. It is always a pleasure Mohamed.

    • That’s so sweet of you :) The pleasure is all mine Ionia, and we’re definitely gonna go get something to drink someday. It’s within my intention ;)

    • Yeah for most of the readers actually! But you’re right, good exists, buried very deep, hard to find, but it’s there. You’re a perfect example Pamela :)

  2. Absolutely – I find it the main way to stay sane. I work in a people based role for the week and usually become a hermit, obsessed with reading and watching DVDs to the extent possible on the weekend – time out in the imagination is healthy. :)

  3. Full agreement. It’s bad enough that the world has such horrible things, but we tend to be bombarded by them through various media channels. Newspaper cover stories are rarely good news, which sends me right to the comics. It’s almost like the people who supply the masses with information are aiming to make everyone paranoid and depressed.

  4. Much like Helen, I’m in a high traffic people role all week. I work with people who are terminally ill, mentally ill, people who PTSD, and people in crisis. So, on the weekends I’m totally about down time…I have to be in order to re-charge for the next week. I write, write some more, read, play on WP, watch Netflix & Hulu Plus, and go to the movies on the weekends. I love a great escape!! Thanks for this post :-)

  5. Reading and writing and beading are my escapes. I got out of hospital and nursing home nursing recently because, after 30 years of it, I just could not stand it anymore. The emotional crises, the pain, anguish and agony got to be too much for me, along with the infighting and disrespect. I do wellness screenings now, part-time and it is a whole new world…the other end of the spectrum. Sometimes, often, I simply enjoy sitting on the screened porch looking out over the pool and tropical gardens. Serenity and tranquility in a peaceful place.

    • Wow so after 30 years you were actually still affected by what you’re seeing everyday! I thought people who worked in hospitals become adapted to the situation after a while. But you mentioned that there were other reasons, infighting and disrespect. I’m with you on the serenity and tranquility, I am too a big fan of these places!
      Thank you! :)

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