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DEE-FENCE and Empire

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When I was a student back in High School during the late 60s and early 70s I remember always having a History class but never really studying current events. Class was always focused on the past and usually the distant past and then we would try to relate how past history was relevant to our present day lives but we never seemed to ever talk about present history in the making and how that was relevant to…well… our lives right there in the present where we were living them.

And the reasoning for this always seemed to be that to discuss the present in the present would be too controversial for those living in the present which, as I think about it now, was pretty idiotic especially when you consider that at that time in the 60s and the 70s the present meant the War in Vietnam. And if…

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A Strange World

It’s a strange world out there. Everyone struggling to survive. The strong lacks mercy, and the weak lacks patience. What differences do we have from animals? Animals obey the food chain, humans obey the wealth chain.

If you know poor people who are living a daily hustle to survive, you would get the whole truth behind life. Wealthy people get distracted from that truth.

What truth?

That nothing could ever be taken for granted. Today you’re feeling good, later on you’re not. Right now the weather might be cool, later on it’ll be hot. That nothing ever lasts, whether its happy or sad. That no matter how much life seems to be in control, we sometimes need to remember how fragile it is, and how delicate we are.

Wonderful Team Member Award

I was nominated for this amazing award by the very talented Charles E Yallowitz, who also happens to be the author of the epic fantasy sequel Legends of Windemere.

wonderful-team-membership-awardThank you for including me here, it is really a privilege! :)

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Thank you!

On Cutting Ourselves a Break:

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The Renegade Rulebook


Recently I took a trip home to New Hampshire. Usually, trips home are filled with a mix of excitement and nostalgia. This time, I knew the trip would have a different meaning. I left New York for four days with hopes of gaining a little clarity on what exactly it means for me to be a twenty-five-year-old living in New York City in 2013. That sentence alone is a lot to digest.

Any part of that sentence is a lot to take in, actually.

New York City.

Holy cannoli.

When I begin to take other things into consideration, like relationships, friendships, big career moves, late nights, early mornings, paychecks, student loans, cable bills, electricity, physical health, mental health, and the fact that some days I forget to brush my hair and then I wonder if people will notice that I didn’t brush my hair or maybe they’ll think…

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What is going on?

Why can’t we live our lives without stepping on top of each other? Why is there some on top, some in the middle and some at the bottom? I know that’s how God created it. I also know that God didn’t create hate and envy in our chests. It is we who developed such illnesses, and then dare to throw the blame on God!

Why does a boss at work treat whoever working under him like he owns their soul? Why do people walking in the streets tend look at homeless people as if they are insects? How does a piece of paper has the ability to control the most intelligent creation that God has created? How could animals live in more harmony than we do?

What exactly is going on with us?!

Superheroes vs Villains

Working in a huge hospital has made me see lots of things that grabbed my attention. The look patients have in their eyes while being pushed into an operation room, or the one their relatives have while walking beside them, hoping that everything goes well and as planned. The look that patients sitting on wheel chairs have while watching people walking around them in every direction. Or the way workers push lifeless bodies covered in white sheets into the morgue.

Every single scene brings lots of different thoughts into my mind. It’s possible that I won’t be affected by those scenes in the future the way I am today. Adaptation plays an important role in our lives. I could imagine workers dealing with bodies covered in white sheets with apathy today, were feeling differently during their first month at the job.

I always looked at the doctors’ and nurses’ occupation very seriously, thinking that the quality of their work can either save lives, reduce pain, or vice versa. I always thought that doctors carry full responsibility for anything unusual that happens to the patients they’re treating. That gave me a glimpse of the kind of burden doctors and nurses carry, that is sometimes not seen or neglected.

But now I’m looking from a different perspective. Seeing the quality of work that my trainer offers in fixing very critical machines, made me think of how we ‘Engineers’ carry the same burden that doctors carry. The smallest malfunction in one of those machines can alter a patient’s destiny. For a small example, ECG machines, if not working properly as they should, could give false reading, resulting in false diagnosis. Or imagine patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases, relying fully on Hemodialysis machines to clean their bodies from toxic wastes, instead of their kidneys. You catch my drift?

So I guess every single one working at a hospital plays an important role. Every single person is either a superhero, or a villain. If you’re doing your best at your job, especially when someone’s life is on the line, then you’re definitely a superhero. But if you’re carelessly spending your working hours, counting remaining minutes to take a break, not aware of your responsibilities, then you’re definitely a villain.

I’m currently still learning. This Biomedical Engineering field is a whole different branch that I wasn’t introduced to in college. I’m just following my instincts here, that’s all. Maybe in the future, if I worked with them at the hospital, I could do something about the system. The system where workers are more concerned to do their job to avoid getting fired, rather than doing their job because someone’s life is on the line.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. May Allah be with us all.



Trying to forget the past using future discovery. But pain follows me fast, because I’m trapped in mental slavery.

People think I’m an idiot, let them think to please their appetite. I pay no attention to their words, it only pisses me off during the night.

What could be done to clear all this mess?

Should I be rude or nice? Or maybe I should toggle once or twice?

Should I teach them how to speak? Then I end up being a freak?

I know one day their souls will crumble like a myth. Because simply, they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

They can run but they can’t hide, and I may slip but I won’t slide.

I’ll travel the world side by side, they’ll burn in hell far behind.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, lets act as who we are, and do what we must.

I’ll get ready to catch the bus, you keep wandering in your fuss.

The bus will lead me to the sky, where doorways are found up high.

On the day of equality, where the guilty is guilty.

So I don’t have to worry, I guess. Maybe I just need to confess.

Maybe I just need to repent, on each penny I have spent.

On each second I have wasted, or every sin I have tasted.

So I’ll just close my eyes, gaze at the skies, and hope that I don’t end up a hater like you guys.

Response: Why Most Twenty Somethings are Delusional

I hate to believe I am delusional, but nevertheless this post spoke to me. I had a weird feeling when I read that probably our grandchildren will get to see our documented nonsense, because it’s true. I may be trying to make sense with what I share, but there’s lots of meaningless shares going on out there, and mine sometimes are too!
The internet or the new technologies definitely have some pros as well as cons. It is true that we tend to sit in front of the screen allot instead of socializing in real life, but why not think of it as today’s real life? Like today’s way of socializing, interacting with people across the world, with whom we share the same interests.
Bottom line, I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing! :)