Some People

Some people spend their whole life trying to be famous.. Others just wish they could be invisible..

Some people try to get money by any means necessary.. Others try to spend it on anything unnecessary..

Some people risk millions of lives for the benefit of themselves.. Others don’t really care about their lives anymore..

Some people are willing to do anything for the benefit of human kind.. Others are willing to do exactly the opposite..

Some people dream of becoming successful to feed their ego.. Others dream of becoming less aware of themselves to kill their ego..

Some people put so much trust in you and you throw it all away.. Others put so much shit on you and you keep them locked in pain..

Some people would do anything just to be with someone.. Others would do anything just to avoid being with someone..

Some people invest in what they own today for owning more tomorrow.. Others don’t know what the future holds for them..

Some people collect what they’ve invested to be able to live happily.. Others already gave up on what they have and don’t know how to live humanly..

Some people buy.. Some people sell..

Some people write.. Some people tell..

Some people cry.. Some people pray..

Some people love.. Some people learn..

Some people continue to do the same things

Some people do not understand the meaning of life.. Others got the whole truth in their heart..

Which kind are you?


17 thoughts on “Some People

  1. Oh! I loved the contrasting traits which you put forth so forcefully. As to your question, I am afraid I do not yet know where I lie…I am forging my personality…! :D

  2. i love the invitation at the end for the reader to decide who they want to be. sometimes when things are put into such stark distinctions like you have done here, decisions can become easier, more obvious. thank you for sharing!

    • I didn’t really think it would grab this much attention, I actually get to learn allot about my writing from the comments. I’m glad you found it interesting, thank you :)

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