Rome Crew Weekly Update #1

Greetings fellow bloggers! I’ve missed you all like hell !! It has been a very busy week at work, I barely opened my reader, and when I did, it kept freezing on me!

In this week’s report, we have some very interesting news. First of all, the RCC tag is used by several RCCless bloggers. Turns out RCC is a photo program, as well as a Riverside City College, and Religion Communicators Council. How cool is that?!

But those things have nothing to do with our RCC. We are the rather more interesting, more cool, more productive kind of RCC. We build cities, write literature, work out, play music, and utilize our enthusiasm in every way possible. We are the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew!

Okay! Time for some updates from our awesome crew members:

Pamela has succeeded in achieving one of her RCC goals, go cheer her on and congratulate her on her recent milestone here!

Beth did an awesome review of what she did, is doing, and should be doing for the rest of her week. Go check it out here!

And of course, the man behind this whole awesome idea, keeps moving forward regardless to how the rest of the crew is handling their own goals. Go check out Green Embers for daily updates about his goals!

He also has created a page exclusively for the members! Don’t forget to have a look here!

Okay members! Please allow me to introduce to you our brand new members! :)

Annabel Lee @


Sarah M. Cradit @

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to the show :)

Alright fellows, keep us updated with your progress, and don’t forget to tag your posts with ‘RCC’ to make sure they’re included in our updates!



16 thoughts on “Rome Crew Weekly Update #1

  1. Glad you are having a good week…but we did miss you! Great update! Would it be better if we all just tagged Rome Construction Crew or is it pretty easy to filter out the other RCCs?

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