Moment of Silence

I’m feeling terribly sad about what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon. Its a disaster. No words can fully describe the brutality of such incident. It reminded me of the 9/11 incident. I kept thinking of all the possible theories while following the news with care. As a Muslim, I was reminded of the 9/11 impact on the Muslim world, and how it changed the way Arabs and Muslims are depicted and treated in the US and elsewhere. Then I thought of the several theories that were proposed afterwards concerning the 9/11 incident; That 9/11 was actually an inside job, seeking a motive for invading Iraq for economical purposes, and so forth.

It’s so pathetic. It’s so pathetic either ways, whether it’s because a bunch of crazy lunatics covering their faces are misleading the public into thinking that Islam is a religion of violence, or because a bunch of heartless bastards creating violence for political and economical purposes and blaming the Muslims for it. Either way, it is absolutely crazy, irrational and unacceptable.

I just got home from work and wasn’t following the news much, so I don’t know exactly what the investigations have lead to so far. But I know for sure that whoever did this, whoever responsible for this, deserves severe and maximum type of punishment. I just pray for all the innocent people who lost their lives, lost their loved ones, for all those who got severely injured, and for every single person feeling insecure. May none of us, nor our children, witness such hatred and violence again, Amen.


5 thoughts on “Moment of Silence

  1. I agree. It is pathetic how blame is thrown around so easily. Though, I think the ones throwing blame are nothing more than a vocal minority. People who are patient or rational tend to keep their mouths shut until all the facts come in.

    • Yes thats true! The more audience you have, the larger your responsibilities become. I’m mad at no one in particular but the people who have a huge audience and don’t take good care of what they say, throwing allegations here and there, spreading rumors, igniting the situation, for what exactly? I have no idea what they’re thinking!

    • I’m with you on that. I’m not sure true thinking is part of what they’re doing. I’ve seen a few people use this event as a means to push an agenda such as pro-gun. I actually saw someone write that a gun could have prevented this. So, they’re only looking at this as fodder for their own twisted ramblings. And they are twisted. It’s probably nothing more than a cry for attention. Still, I’ve seen much more posts about prayers, positive energy, and patience than the crazies, which is a good sign.

  2. You are so correct, and you said it so much more eloquently than I just did. I have always a had a distrust of humans. I mean humans in general. Not Muslim people or black people or purple people with orange spots. Humans in general, and this is why. I try to keep in mind that there are many good people, like the people here in our wordpress community that make me think better of humanity as a whole. Well said, excellent post.

    • Thank you Ionia! Your post was quite eloquent and full of positive energy too. Sometimes we are bound to curse and lose our cool in order to honestly and accurately explain how we’re feeling. I understand what you mean by the distrust of humans. And yes you are correct, there are all kinds of people. Good and evil are parts of who we are. But good always wins eventually. Evil is desperate. No matter how powerful it may seem, its hollow, fake, and will always fade in the face of corresponding good.
      God bless you!

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