Day (430) – Hmm…Swiss Cheese?

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The look on people’s faces when I say that I had a soul of Swiss cheese are priceless. “What in the world does cheese have to do with your soul Evan?” Everything.

Deep holes in your soul. I have spent so much time looking back into my past for a few good reasons. I know I advocate staying in the present moment quite often, but I think there is something to be said for really taking a good look at where you have come from and the events that have happened throughout your lifetime. Going back also helps me understand how I really came to where I am at now. Of course, in being a writer I am always looking for new material to work with – and the past almost is an endless supply of stories, memories, and meaningful events. Most of all, it helps me understand how the…

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9 thoughts on “Day (430) – Hmm…Swiss Cheese?

  1. I’m laughing at your creation of a wonderful new word “hilarigusting!” It is the perfect word! Thank you for this re-blog by the Better Man Project :-)

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