RCC Update #2

Whats up guys! How’s it going? I hope everyone is alive and well chasing their goals! I gave it a second thought on my goals, I guess they lacked prioritizing. So I’ll focus on one thing at a time just for the moment. I’ll start with the most important goal that I need ASAP, which is the job. So from now on I’m focusing mainly on finding any job, doesn’t matter how degrading. I’m thinking that doing anything is much better than doing nothing at all. Here in Saudi Arabia the weekend days are Thursdays and Fridays. So starting from next Saturday hopefully, I’m going on a restless job hunt journey within the boundaries of the city we’re staying in. Hopefully it wouldn’t take much long time.

So that was my news! How about the rest of the crew?

Please say hello to our newest members: Beth (Comfortably Numb) @ http://comfortablynumb7.wordpress.com/
& Stuck @ http://aggrav8.wordpress.com/ Hello Hello Hello! :)

Kindly remember to tag your RCC posts with ‘Rome Construction’, that will make it much easier for everyone to follow up on each other ;)

If you’re not yet a member and wondering what is that all about, click here.

Follow your bliss!



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