RCC Update

Greetings comrades of the Blogosphere! Been a very tough low self esteemed week. My uncle passed away last week, felt terribly sad I could not see him before that happened. He was a good person at heart, and we were close to each other mentally, although the age difference wasn’t small. Its funny how life on Earth is so unjust sometimes. How God sometimes chooses to take the lives of the good, leaving us the wicked evil ones, makes me wonder about the wisdom behind it.

Anyhow, I’m hopefully back on track. Well, sort of. I had a list of things to take care of during this April. I was supposed to:

  • Find a Job. (status: still seeking)
  • Exercise at least once a week. (status: haven’t started yet)
  • Read Read Read. (status: read for two days, then stopped)
  • Write. (status: nothing written yet)
  • Practice some music. (status: nope!)
  • Meditate everyday. (status: over meditation AKA laziness)

Its been 10 days and I’m not quite happy with my outcome so far. Need to take things more seriously. Hopefully with the help of you guys and the crew, I should be having a more productive outcome next week.

Okay enough about me, lets find out what the rest of the crew is doing!

Okay we have 4 new members since I last checked (No you’re not, I’m the lazy one). A2LSM @ http://wrestling-life.com Kori Miller @ http://korimiller.wordpress.com/ John W Howell @ http://johnwhowell.com/ & Elizabeth Cook @ http://serialoutlet.wordpress.com/ Hello Hello and welcome to the club! :)

Gwen was hosting a virtual birthday party for Charles yesterday! You deserve it sir, keep up the awesome work.

Ionia was talking about a cool new way of promoting your work as an author here.

Destiny helped in sharing David Farland’s book bomb, our help is definitely needed.

Pamela posted about being thankful for teachers in our lives.

I guess that’s it for now. Keep up the amazing work you guys! Oh I almost forgot, if you’re wondering what the heck is that Rome Construction Crew thing, click here.



23 thoughts on “RCC Update

  1. I understand where you are coming from. I too often question the grand scene of things and I try not to because eventually I stop getting out of bed anymore. What I do believe, is that we meet people for a reason. They lead us down new paths, give us knowledge we never would have had and offer us support when times are bleak. I have never seen that age nor distance is a concern. I am here if you should like to talk about anything, theological or otherwise. So glad that Bradley chose you to do these updates. You will succeed at your goals, one footprint in the sand at a time.

    • You are absolutely right, there is a reason behind the people we get to know in our lives. I am so grateful and thankful for knowing each and everyone of you here! :) Thank you for your thoughts, I value them greatly. Hopefully, one footprint in the sand at a time, we shall achieve our goals. Thanks allot :)

  2. I so should be asleep now. I’ve just been trying to keep up with my reader, lol. Thanks for doing this! And keep up the good work (you are doing good work, just keep looking at the little things and combined they will become big)! Stay green! (I am going to reblog this in my morning.) You rock! (I’ve seen your youtube channel)!

  3. I sorry about the loss of your uncle. Sending thoughts for a productive outcomes next week! Thank you very much for your warm welcome! I’m excited about becoming part of the RCC. I look forward wandering through your blogs in the days to come :-)

  4. Sorry for your loss. Give yourself some time, and in the meantime, tackle just one thing on your list. I have learned this past year, with my physical limitations, I really had to take it one thing at a time, though I over did it a couple weeks ago and had a setback because I just wanted to be “normal” again so bad. I started anew this week, and am happy to say that my goal of exercising 4 days a week instead of the 6 days I was doing, which was too much for me and only doing the fast walking and not the extensive jazzercise moves…too much twisting, I have exercised two out of 3 days, took a break today, back at it tomorrow. I have caught up with my editing to the point that if I keep up this frantic pace, I can get ahead and notch it back a bit. Have a great rest of the week and we are all here for ya!

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