Scratching the Surface

The political situation nowadays in Egypt has reached a pinnacle in the relationship between Islamic parties and every other political party. When the Egyptian people voted for Mohamed Morsi, they were expecting him to isolate himself from the Muslim Brotherhood, such that he could represent all of the Egyptians, rather than being biased towards his political party. That way he would achieve the anticipated political compatibility, and shut the mouths of his opposition or anyone claiming that Islamists are not capable of achieving such duty. And that’s exactly what he promised to fulfill back then while being a presidential candidate. Lots of promises were made during his campaign, upon which 13.2 million citizens gave him their votes in the election.

But what president Morsi has been doing ever since he took over the presidency, is making sure there is an abundance and dominance for the MB or Islamic parties over other political parties. Instead of isolating himself from the MB, he’s allowing them to interfere in all country’s affairs. Most recently the Egyptian constitution was formed under the supervision of a committee consisting of members from Islamic backgrounds. Non Islamic members of the constitutional committee withdrew from the committee over differences between them and the Islamic members. Their withdrawal did not affect the committee’s decision to form a constitution, although it had only Islamic members.

This act triggered resentments among the people, allowing them to question president Morsi’s promises concerning the compatibility of the constitutional committee.

But president Morsi did not pay attention to their resentments, and the constitution was formed, with people from liberal and non Islamic tendencies refusing to acknowledge it as the new Egyptian constitution. That caused a major division among the Egyptian people, creating two major sides, Anti MB and Pro MB.

The unconcern of Morsi towards those refusing the constitution rose the annoyance among them. They protested in Tahrir square for several weeks, demanding a compatible constitutional assembly. But Morsi kept neglecting their demands claiming that those were thugs aiming to hinder the productivity of the country. Eventually there was a clash between them and the security forces that lead to several deaths and serious injuries. Yes, this occurred a few months ago during Morsi’s presidency.

He began speaking from the presidential palace in Ittihadiya surrounded by his supporters, instead of speaking from Tahrir square in front of the thousands gathered there.

Tahrir protesters (Anti MB) decided to move their peaceful strike to Ittihadiya palace, in an attempt to win Morsi’s consideration. That’s when Morsi’s supporters, a group of religiously motivated people (Pro MB), attacked the Anti MB protesters with huge amount of rage, tortured whoever fell in their hands in the name of God. This incident was later called the Ittihadiya incident, which I wrote about here. With no one being questioned or accused of what happened there, a similar incident has just occurred a few days ago, but this time the Pro MB were the ones brutally attacked by the Anti MB, considering it a payback for the Ittihadiya incident.

Unfortunately, Egypt nowadays is on the brink of a civil war. Police forces are still absent from the streets, unless there’s an opposition strike, in that case the forces would gather in front of them seeking their dispersion by any means necessary. Not to mention security forces still to this day aim their guns at the eyes of protesters. Live ammunition, cartridge, tear gas, are all used in dispersing protesters. Robberies, Rapes, Murders, are all part of our daily news feed. When president Morsi is confronted by the media, he keeps talking in denial to the seriousness of the situation, claiming that everything is under control, and that the media is doing a great effort in distorting reality.

Many Egyptians today feel nostalgic for the Mubarak era. Although only a few months have passed since Morsi’s presidency started, but those few months were sufficient for many Egyptians to reconsider Mubarak. Mubarak’s words before stepping aside were: “I want to leave the presidency, but I fear the MB will take over the country.” Back then those words did not ring a bell, and the Egyptians insisted that Mubarak leaves the presidency right away. But today his words make perfect sense. He had control over the country in terms of security, and handling its affairs. No doubt that there was great amount of corruption, but somehow he knew how provide stability.

Another reason for the Egyptians to reconsider Mubarak, is that they were united. There was no major differences between the Egyptians like the ones existing today. Their unity against the Mubarak regime is what caused it to be overthrown quickly. Today this unity is absent, making it very hard to overthrow the MB from power.

A satirical viewpoint at today’s situation; Mubarak is currently in jail accused of killing protesters protesting against him. Morsi currently has his hands stained with blood of protesters that were killed after he took over the presidency, but yet he’s out of jail sitting on Egypt’s throne. This gives us a vivid example of how life can be so cruel sometimes, but always with a lesson learned.

May Allah be with us all



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