Circle of life

Everyday we learn something new, something good, something true.. For a moment when we get to use it, but when exactly? We have no clue..

With a hidden force driving us towards tomorrow, we submit ourselves overwhelmed by our sorrow..

What is it that you want? What is it that you need? What is it that you’re prepared to fight for indeed?

Einstein fought for relativity, Newton fought for gravity.. All we fight for today brings us nothing but misery..

We look at our past and talk with proud.. Until we reach to a point that we’re lost in the crowd..

Its okay to stay, its okay to lay.. With no one to blame for wasting your day..

Think of it as a trophy, or think of it as a duty.. Its all about perspectives in conquering your enemy..

May none of us be neither an oppressor nor oppressed.. We all live in the same bubble, the same home, the same nest..


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