Its amazing how one’s mood can change so dramatically from one minute to the next. One minute you’re happily flying above the clouds, receiving everything with optimism and joy. The next minute your soul turns so ill, feels like you need a punching bag so badly just to keep hitting it as hard as you can to release some trapped energy.

What’s even more amazing is the reason that triggers your anger. It is believed that a woman by the name Helen of Troy is what triggered the anger and started the Trojan war that lasted 10 years!

Women by instinct have some sort of hidden power that is when unleashed can cause irreversible damage. Especially if that woman is your ex, damage possibility doubles in an instance. I’ve seen so many posts that warn about talking with your ex, but I refuse to believe I am one of those people. I like to believe I am special.

That’s when reality manifests itself hitting me in the face, referring me to grow up, or else I still need more suffering to understand that I’m not that special.

But my mood has calmed down eventually, although the inflicted wounds are too deep and often leave a scar. Gotta be careful though next time. I don’t know what it is exactly about women that makes us melt in front of them! Seriously its so unethical. You women need to understand your power. With great power comes great responsibility, and you have a hell of a power over men. Just try to use it wisely without tampering with our emotions, that’s all I’m asking.

May none of us (men) ever stand in the way of a woman’s wrath.. Amen

May Allah be with us all



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