Update to my state

Greetings fellow bloggers! Yesterday was an amazing day, full of inspiring posts on my reader’s tab. But that’s not the only reason why it was so “amazing”. After months of laziness and lack of energy, I actually got to move my ass to my treadmill and start walking! To be honest it was so easier than I expected it to be. I underestimated the amount of effort you can exert on a treadmill while watching your favorite TV show! It was absolutely fascinating how I completely forgot about my walking legs and burst into laughter while watching Community!

Another good news I’m so happy to announce is that by starting to rebuild my fitness again, I am now an official member of the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew! yaaaaay :D

So that’s basically why I’m so excited this morning! :)

Anyhow, click on the link above to know more about this membership and of course you are welcome to join! :)

Alright, I’m out now. I wish you all the best, or as GE would say, “Keep it Green” :D



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