A Call for Co-existence

Have you ever asked yourself how many religions exist in our world today? Have a quick look at this List of religions and spiritual traditions. What’s the purpose of religion and spirituality anyway? How could we live together in peace under the circumstances of this massive religious diversity we have today? Even if you thought of it as countries having different traditions, we still live in the same planet under one sky!

Do you notice how sometimes countries having larger religious diversities, tend to have more understanding and a better application of religions? While other countries that have smaller religious diversities often tend to lean towards extremism?

It’s because we are all different, we are meant to be different so that we could get to know one another. We are not here on Earth to fight on who’s right and who’s wrong, but to rather learn how to accept our differences.

If you are a believer of God, then you should understand that all religious principles are the same. There is no religion that teaches people fear, hatred and bloodshed. Religions are supposed to give our life meaning, justice, and serenity. The perspective of every religion may vary, but the main purpose stays the same; Communication with God.

I believe that having the ideology of “My religion is the only authentic religion in the world” and “Every person embracing any other religion than mine will burn in hell” is a sign of naivety. God is just, in fact one of the 99 names of Allah is “The Just”. And of course you don’t need to be a Muslim to know this fact about God. How can we believe that God is The Just while believing that all other people embracing other religions, out of whom may exist people who don’t know what God means, are going to hell? Who are we to say so?

Who are we to speak in the name of God? Are we Messengers? Angels? We are nothing but normal human beings. Our mentality does not withstand recognition of God’s way of thinking. We were created by God. Everything we know today, is because He permitted for this info to reach us. Yet instead we put ourselves in God’s shoes, God forbid, and we give ourselves the right to judge people.

I’m trying to say that we are all different. We live in different environments, societies, circumstances. Our perception is different. Human beings’ mentality vary from novice to brilliant. Each one has his own perspective. Each one has his own life to live, upon which his afterlife destiny will be determined. Who has permission to judge? The One and only with the ability to do so, know so, God.

So let us all accept our differences, learn to co-exist with each other, look for common grounds instead of differences. Learn that God is “The Utterly Just”, “The Exceedingly Merciful”. Every time we see a country where justice is very strict, we remember that if it was to be compared with God’s justice, it would appear so unjust. Every time we see a mother holding her baby in such mercy, we remember that if her mercy was to be compared with God’s, it would appear so cruel. I hope I wasn’t misunderstood in any way. Whatever your religion may be, God bless you.

May Allah be with us all



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