Contemplation – Talents

I believe in talents, meaning that all people have different special abilities with different variations, that were given to them by God for a reason. Some find their talents right away, some spend more time in finding theirs, and some don’t even bother to look for that special ability that they possess. Even if your ability turns out to be something similar to someone else’s, both of you carry different messages that need to be delivered through your talents. You are creating a name that will still be remembered long after you’re gone, through the things that you do, and more importantly the people that you touch.


2 thoughts on “Contemplation – Talents

  1. Oh I love this! You are exactly right, we do all have talents and gifts that our spirit yearns to share with the world. It is an extremely difficult thing to do though living in our world today, with all the conditioning we’ve been through our true Self has been covered up and that is where we find our gifts. Thank you for sharing, this is just what I needed. Follow your bliss. :)

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