Contemplation – Pain

Pain.. What a feeling.. Hard to explain, hard to tolerate, hard to imagine.. Everything related to it becomes hard. I guess its best described in the famous saying: No pain, no gain.. Its always a certificate that we should be proud of.. Have you ever got into a surgical operation? Have you ever lost someone you love? Whether its physical or  psychological, its an experience that only those who felt pain can gain from.. That’s why some of the kindest people we know, are actually the most hurt..


2 thoughts on “Contemplation – Pain

  1. I’m going in for a pretty big operation on Tuesday! I’m getting my Thymus taken out–its a supplementary immune system gland that is active when we’re children to help us fight off germs we contract, ya know, when we were eating dirt and what not. It’s an active component to my Myasthenia gravis and its getting taken out! Then I’ll be going into remission! Pain is an opportunity to grow.

    • Awww.. Well first of all I wish you the fastest recovery ever! And as you said its an opportunity to grow, so I’m glad you see it from this perspective, a wise one. The pain will pass. God bless you and I hope you end up just great :)

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