Signs of illness

I feel vulnerable, confused, insecure and full of hate. Why? Well its a long story that started with hope and ended with misery. We all have to grow up someday and realize that no one is as he/she seems. Who seems like a Preacher acts like an Atheist. Who seems like the closest person to me acts like my enemy. I may be suffering from psychological issues. But the truth is, we are all mentally ill; we tend to do everything wrong to the people around us, but when they do to us the same we become rebellion and refuse to handle things. We have zero tolerance towards one another. Sometimes its the arrogance that takes over us, preventing us from even listening to each other. Each person sees what he chooses to see, listens to what makes him feel better and speaks, in his perspective, only wisdom.


5 thoughts on “Signs of illness

  1. This is very poweful, because sadly it is so often true. Self-awareness seems to be the most elusive of talents, and yet without it, one either willingly or not becomes likely to fall into the traps you portray so well in this piece. I hope if someone has hurt you that you can heal from that – it is hard to recover from broken trust and realising someone is not what they seem – and you may be right that none of us are really what we seem, even to ourselves, but the only consolation i can offer is that there is also goodness, there is also kindness, there is also generosity, and these often come from the most unlikely of places too. I sincerely hope you find some peace from this soon – reality can be a very harsh light to endure for too long. :)

    • Well First of all thank you for taking the time to read it thoroughly, and thanks for the amazing empathy you showed in your reply, this is exactly what I needed. Indeed there is goodness, often from the least expected. I’m sure some peace is on its way, hopefully soon. May none of us stay in such illness for too long. :)

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