Signs of illness

I feel vulnerable, confused, insecure and full of hate. Why? Well its a long story that started with hope and ended with misery. We all have to grow up someday and realize that no one is as he/she seems. Who seems like a Preacher acts like an Atheist. Who seems like the closest person to me acts like my enemy. I may be suffering from psychological issues. But the truth is, we are all mentally ill; we tend to do everything wrong to the people around us, but when they do to us the same we become rebellion and refuse to handle things. We have zero tolerance towards one another. Sometimes its the arrogance that takes over us, preventing us from even listening to each other. Each person sees what he chooses to see, listens to what makes him feel better and speaks, in his perspective, only wisdom.


My Dreams vs My Route

I am a strong endorser of following your dreams wherever they take you. I believe life isn’t worth living if you’re living it just to do as you are told, not having a chance to look for that specific purpose of your existence in this world.

Lots of people regret wasting their whole lives in doing what they don’t like, instead of just chasing their dreams. It might be difficult to do so when you have people around you pushing you towards what you don’t want. For example, some of today’s parents force their children into becoming just like them, instead of having the slightest idea of what their children would want to become.

Talking about myself, I stepped into the Engineering major by absolute fate. Most of my family members are doctors, and most of them wanted me to become a doctor too, regardless to what I wish myself to become. But الحمد لله fate had its role in excluding faculty of medicine from my future studies, but it also included something that I had never fantasized myself into being, Engineering!

When the results were shown and the “unfair” assortments of students’ destinies were revealed, it became clear to everyone that Engineering was the only possible major for me to attend that has a good reputation suitable for our families’.

So I began taking calls from my relatives congratulating me for the tremendous achievement that I have done, giving me advices to which specific Engineering major should I master. To tell you the truth I was amazed by what a wealthy person has over a non wealthy one. Because I attended American Diploma that costs much more than the National System, it provides better chances into entering which branch or faculty you desire than those possible through the National one. So that’s how fate really played its role during my choices.

As I started to attend my lectures, I slowly began to convince myself that this was what I am supposed to do. Of course not all students who enter any faculty pass, because not all of them are meant to be in their specific faculty. Its a vicious circle that brings you back to following what you believe you do best, and not what the people around you are believing about you.

You might be swimming with the flow, you might be swimming against it. You might be comfortable in one way only, or both ways. One way or another, this moment of clarity between yourself is crucial. If you find it too late for yourself, which I regularly doubt, then at least don’t let your loved ones or children stumble upon your exact same pits.

I hope that everyone exerts as much effort as possible to find out what he was born to do, without any constraints to do anything reversely.

May Allah be with us all..


Today’s Reality

The situation is getting critical everyday, no one really knows what’s going on. Some people have theories, others claim to know facts. There’s only one thing that’s certain; We are living in a daily nightmare.

Its been almost two years now since the Egyptian Revolution took place on the 25th of January 2011. But of course, everything has changed now. We are living in a democratic nation now, aren’t we? If I was a family member of one of the martyrs, I would be very glad and grateful to the SCAF “Supreme Council of Abusion and Fraud” and the MB “Muslim Bafflers”.

They both played an important role in achieving the goals of the revolution; Non-existence, Slavery and Social Inequality. Some goals are not yet achieved, those include Civil War, External Occupation and an Extermination of our species.

Thank you all for supporting our dreams and believing in them, we value them greatly. We hope to see you all in Heaven.

May Allah be with us all..